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When a simple cold becomes a big deal

Having  had a stupid cold for the last 3 weeks made me think of the ‘nuisance’ analogy of having a cold and comparing it with some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s that people can share with me and that everyone can relate to. It’s not the feeling unwell, it’s the nuisance of the extra symptoms a cold causes. The nuisance of the fuzzier head becomes a bigger problem. I’m sure you’ve all experienced a head cold – where the head feels foggy, fuzzy and heavy – welcome to our daily world. When you have a cold on top of what’s normal it becomes even more difficult to find the right words. I can understand now how simply feeling under the weather can now take on a different meaning.

Questions were also asked as to whether the extreme symptoms were being caused by the trial drugs. The constant headache for a fortnight. The sinus pain. There’s just no way of knowing. What do you treat? All very confusing and wears you down if you let it. So now I’m on antibiotics to try to treat the sinus pain I’ve had for 2 weeks – yes, I know we’re all suppose to reduce the amount of antibiotics we’re using, but this appears to be last chance saloon time. If that doesn’t work I may have to reconsider whether it’s the trial drugs and stop them instead……