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The Art of Watching Nature…….Poem…

Just sitting and watching in silence

Patience is all that you need

To see nature appear

To appreciate what was a tiny seed

To hear the birds singing happily

To watch them fly around

Yet when they settle near by

Joy, simply abounds

You have to be still, you have to be quiet

And wait just patiently

And then the reward will appear

And be there in front quite graciously.

So patience is a virtue

Or so they say

But for nature it’s paramount

Blink and it will have gone away….

Chose this song, simply because I enjoyed singing it at school…….

An Encounter at the Village Pond….Poem

I met an old man the other day

By the village pond

He was there feeding the ducks

With lots of quacking did they respond…..


He spoke of all the years

He’d stood there every day

He told me stories of old

As the ducks gathered round to play


He told me of his favourites

Of the swans he used to feed

Of the 20 year old duck with a plume

Which still gets special treats


They knew him so well

This daily visitor of theirs

Ate out of his hand

Without a care….

And when he left and bade farewell

I stayed a little while

And took piccies of the new arrivals

And my heart was filled with a smile



Sunshine after the rain……Poem

Just as the earth had breathed a sigh of relief
At the rain finally falling
So it breathed again this week
As the sun once more came a calling

My trundles saw more people
Faces with a smile
Chattering and laughing
Once more life was worthwhile

It’s amazing how the weather
Makes or breaks a mood
People around suddenly happier
And a different world comes into view

The thankful appearance of rain…..Poem…

After all the heat, with earth so dry
Yesterday I woke to rain
The clouds were grey
The ground was glistening
And water could be heard, trickling down drains

It looked so good
That I ventured out
Just stood and breathed in the damp air
And felt the raindrops falling
Falling like tears on my hair

Yet these were tears of joy
As the earth desperately needed this soaking
Desperately needed a drink of rain
Desparately needed to feel loved again
To soak up and feel the rain stroking and caressing…..

Chose this song simply because I love the Beatles…..and it’s got Rain in the Title…🙄

My slow motion brain…..Poem

The world is speeding up
Whereas I’ve slowed right down
When did cars go so quick
They were much slower during lockdown

I feel like I’ve been left behind
Too slow to catch the crowd
My brain incapable of speed, at any time
And now feeling as if I will drown

Being sucked into this bubble
Has made me feel safe and sound
But now the pins are out
People eager no longer to hang around

So will I be left behind
Will my speed be too slow
My slow motion brain
Incapable of catching the flow…..

Strange song choice, you may think…..but it was the video that caught my eye. The cars, the people inside, each with their own lives and that’s what’s been missing lately….we having been on trains been on buses exposed to other peoples lives…

11am zoom fun…….Poem

I’m now very selective which Zoom meetings I attend. On Mondays I have my weekly fun with playmates from York Minds and Voices, followed at 5pm by my precious Zoomettes, where we share laughter tears and all emotions in between. Thursday is our fun zoom where we simply have a laugh with all manner of antics flashing on the screen….

Zoom has come into it’s own during this lockdown. Alleviating any loneliness, allowing new friends to be made and discovering one another’s talents. It’s also come in for some criticism due to security issues and other negative aspects. Yet for me, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. We can choose to use it or choose to ignore.

For me I’m enjoying my selective zoom world with special playmates. I could join in one almost every morning and afternoon should I wish, but I’d rather keep it special, something to look forward to… here’s a little poem that puts it in a nutshell….

There once was some fun on zoom
At 11am, join the room
With playmates galore
And antics in store
During lockdown, we chased away the gloom….

No one is promised tomorrow……Poem

No one is promised tomorrow
No one is promised next year
So I take each long and winding road
With thankfulness and no fear

I trundle round my lanes and fields
Thankful for the views
Thankful that today is good
Thankful that I can choose

I may not always feel happy
I may not always feel good
But a trundle helps me keep going
Telling me I should

Choose to go this way or that
Choosing which lane to venture
Choosing when to stop and stare
On my little trundle adventures ……

The Simple Joy of Flowers…..Poem

Poppies and buttercups
Roses and Phlox
Jewels in their own right
Some with a perfume like Stocks….

But don’t just look from afar
Look right up close
As beauty is in the detail
Take the simple perfumed rose

But each has it’s beauty
Each has its joy
Look at the stunning red poppy
Right up close and simply enjoy

I’ve always loved this song, but I love the video even more…..

A bench of someone long gone…..Poem

So here I sit at 5.30am
Watching the village awake
Watching the world come to life
Watching the ducks and the drakes…..

I’d like to thank Doreens family
For placing the bench just there
It gave me somewhere to rest
My aching weary foot and stare

I didn’t know you Doreen
But I’m sure many villagers do
I like to sit by the village pond
As I imagine you did too

Sitting here in silence
Strangely not alone
As I have you Doreen as company
Me, you and your bench, on our own…….

p.s I chose this version simply because I like the video graphics…..



Big man, Little man…….Poem

Big man little man
What can you see
Said little man to big man
I can see as far as the sea
Little man said
I can see the seeds
Beginning to grow
Bend down and see
And the big man bent down
And saw the wonders of the earth
Climb up on my shoulders
And see the sea
And the little man let the big man help
And saw the wonders beyond

We all need to use each other’s strengths to help each other and see the world from all angles, not just our own…….and there’s always someone out there who can show you a different way….