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A Christmas Poem….

I did try and write a new one this year…..but I still love this one best from a couple of years ago with all the references to the old carols, which I so love….so thank you for remaining with me on this unwanted journey, I couldn’t do it without all your support…..🎄

A time of year I love
To enjoy ‘The Holly and the Ivy’
Amidst the ‘Bleak Mid Winter’
When darkness dominates the day

When ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’
And bring calmness to the chaos around
When a ‘Silent Night’
Is all that I seek

I hope to bring
‘Joy to the world’
To family and friends alike
So everyone can sing this ‘Christmas Carol’

‘Deck the Halls’
And ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’
And ‘Have yourselves a Very Merry Christmas’
Singing ‘Tidings of comfort and Joy’

So ‘Come rest ye merry gentlemen’
Feel blessed this time of year
And let me and my family
And Billy, of course

Wish you all
A Happy Christmas
And let’s hope we can have real hugs in the New Year…

Natures healing hands…….Poem

A stunning sunrise

To start the day

Lifting my mood

Nature at play

A simple flower

Much needed colour

On a gloomy winters day

Natures own technicolour

A Robin visiting

Having a snack, a morning shower

Making me smile

Natures own super power 

I chose this song because it’s happy and I love the scenery….love to wake up to a frosty white morning….❤️

What a difference a day makes……..Poem

Five bad days in a row of late

Surely tomorrow must be good

Waiting in the darkness

If only it would


Lying with my eyes closed

I sense a change in my head

I feel lighter, brighter

As I lay here in bed


I stay there for a while

Just to wait and see

If it really is true

Has dementia finally unlocked the key


I smile a tenuous smile

I really think it has

Today really is a good day

The rubbish time has passed….


Give me a moment……poem

Give me a moment

Just a few minutes of your time

Give me one moment

To climb out of this brain of mine


Give me a moment

To help me understand

What’s going on in my head

None of this was planned


Give me a moment

To feel at peace

To feel normal again

To feel this rage in my head cease


Give me a moment

Just one or two

I’m not asking for much

Just a moment for this confusion to pass through….

this song was my choice today dedicated to the beautiful mum of one of my best friends who sadly for us escaped this world this week but will be met at the gates with open arms by her husband Ivan…..To Babs…..❤️

My head is on fire…..Poem

Wrote this last week after another head banging day…….

My head is buzzing

It’s not my own

It’s sparking and muddled

Like a badly tuned radio


I’ll hide under the duvet 

Til the noise abates

‘Til the warring factors

Stop crashing their plates


The muddle, the confusion

Renders me useless

No sense is the world

Making me feel foolish


So come on dementia

Be kind to me today

Stay in your box, firmly locked

Keeping your confusion at bay


Allow me to wake with a feeling of sunshine

Not a dull and overcast day

Give me a rest from your bad tempered jest

And allow me a trundle with a clear pathway…..


Chose this song for the title, but I’d also forgotten it existed……

How many times…..Poem

How many times have you thought to yourself

If only I’d known that before?

How many times have you wished for a day

In the future to come and wished for more?


How many times have you been jealous of others

Wanted what they had, wished you had more

How many times have you cursed your bad luck

And said “I wish I had more”


Today, just stop and look around you

Stop wishing your life away

Appreciate what you do have

And be pleased for others having a good day


We all have gifts around us

But we rarely see their value

A simple smile, a loving hug

Must never be undervalued


Because they’re all the riches I need

As well as the nature all around

They’re pure gold in my eyes

And I feel so lucky that them I’ve found……


Chose this song simply because I love it……..

The sky won’t wait…Poem…

The sky won’t wait for you to rise

To see it’s fiery glow

Wait too long to leave your bed

It will have vanished, you were too slow

But leave that warm and cosy slumber 

And you simply won’t regret it

For natures wonder you will see

Delivering a spectacular sky sunlit 

Reds and oranges lighting up the sky

And I just stand and stare

Because natures waits for no one

Join me one morning, rise early if you dare….


Chose this simply for the video that came with it……

Shadows of the fallen……Poem

Today is Rememberence Sunday

The village is shrouded in fog 

As I stand here silently in the graveyard

Next to the shadows of those long gone

The atmosphere around me  is solemn

Yet comforting somehow too

As I stand here alone with the shadows

Surrounded by the fallen few

The dew on the grass, the dripping trees

Natures own tears add to mine

Paying our respect to those long gone

As I stand here in the fog with the shadows in a line

These are all village men, 

These shadows on the grass

But others have lost their lives 

Some more recent, others in the past

We must think of all those gone

We must appreciate the now

As I stand here alone with the shadows

With tears from the tree trickling down my brow……

Autumn Leaves…..Poem

Leaves falling gently 

like autumn flakes of snow

Falling silently, drifting down

Creating a patchwork floor show

I’m so lucky with where I live

Surrounded by every specimen of trees

As we enter our lovely village

We’re greeted by an autumn show swaying gently in the breeze

Trees finally letting go

Of it’s summer display of green

But not before displaying before us

An autumn grand finale