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Waiting for normality to resume…….Poem……

Waiting in limbo
Holding your breath
Waiting for normality
For routine

Words can’t express my thanks
To the Twitter world out there
For keeping me company
When the demon of loneliness appears

Enabling me to type
Keeping the routine going
Waiting for the world to wake up
To join me once more

I had a wonderful Christmas
A new year full of cold
But all I wanted really
Was the daily routine of old……..

What makes you feel back to normal after Christmas …..?

A lovely freezing cold walk by the sea to blow the old year away…….

A Christmas Poem……

A time of year I love
To enjoy ‘The Holly and the Ivy’
Amidst the ‘Bleak Mid Winter’
When darkness dominates the day

When ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’
And bring calmness to the chaos around
When a ‘Silent Night’
Is all that I seek

I hope to bring
‘Joy to the world’
To family and friends alike
So everyone can sing this ‘Christmas Carol’

‘Deck the Halls’
And ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’
And ‘Have yourselves a Very Merry Christmas’
Singing ‘Tidings of comfort and Joy’

So ‘Come rest ye merry gentlemen’
Feel blessed this time of year
And let me and my family
And Billy, of course

Wish you all
A Happy Christmas
And see you in the New Year…

We Live in such a Tiny Bubble……..Poem

A tinkering with words over the weekend which made this a blog for today…..

The smallest bubble of understanding
The smallest bubble of belief
The smallest bubble of those who help
Those who get it
Those who know

We need more to enter our bubble
More to understand
I’d love to see a giant bubble
One that enveloped everyone
Or simply not to need a bubble at all

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone got it and understood dementia………one day…maybe… day.

or listen to me reading it here:

Autumn……my favourite time of year……Poem

I was sat waiting for it to happen
That wonderful burst of colour
But the ubiquitous green remained
With only hints of what was to come

And then I became distracted
Took my eye off the ball
And when I turned and looked again
The view was filled glimpses of gold

Ambers, oranges and reds
The greens overshadowed by
The glow of colour…..
Autumn has arrived

When autumn arrives
It’s as though the sun is shining all day long
When the bright yellows appear
Casting a golden glow all around

It starts with a glimmer of hope
And suddenly turns into a spectacle of colour
Caught between the last chinks of summer
And a taste of the winter to come

Autumn….my favourite time of year
Until winter arrives
Then Spring
And finally, Summer’s turn to be the golden jewel of now…….

Whatever the season, take a moment to stop….and look…and listen to the sounds around you because beauty comes in all sorts of guises……

The Unwelcome visitor of silence…….Poem

Silence is usually a welcome relief
A chance to silence the brain
Silence my thoughts
Time to myself
Just time, to sit and stare

But the recent lurgy
Brought silence in abundance
Too much for too long
Not wanting to share my germs
So staying at home alone

Occasional pings on my phone
Brings a silent conversation into view
And when things got bad
The silent world of Twitter
Was brought into view

But the silence, which I usually love
Became so overwhelming
A loud unforgiving silence
That’s no ones best friend
Because that is the silence of loneliness

I’m not very good at being ill…..and being ill seems to happen more frequently and with more force lately……being alone can be wonderful but having dementia as you’re only company is the worst company of all……

From my dear friend Google….

The Poem from the London DEEP Gathering……..

Following on from Mondays blog about the gathering of people with dementia in London. I promised to print the poem I wrote from the words people selected.

Rachel had the brilliant idea of buying an unloved copy of Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, from a charity shop and turning it into a way to get everyone to speak at the beginning of the event …… genius idea…..

Each person had to say their name, where they were from and then choose a word that was special to them from their page of the book.

Here are the words again

Rachel then said we’d take them away and create a poem. However, over lunch, and due to the noise being a tad overwhelming for me, I went into my own little world and wrote the poem there and then.

Looking at it now, I didn’t manage to use all the words, but most of them. You can either listen to me reading it out on Dementia Diaries here:

Or read it here:

Carry a notebook to write your thoughts
To rage and rampage
And not be alone
The Hope Love and Respect
The opportunity dementia brings

But still with a splendid smile
Of joy and peace
A curious opportunity
To share ideas, knowledge
And simply to understand

When faced with objection & unmanageability
The immensity of humanity
The beauty and forgiveness shines through
The guardians, the spirits
In their communicative way

Ask ‘Do we remember’?
That new chapter in our lives?
Then something stirs, our guardian angel reminding us
That, after all,
we’re still the same person

Still a mum fulfilling
Communicating ideas
Influencing, forgiving others
With patience, respect and love
After all, we’re still the same person

Guest Poem…….by Bob…..

Following on from yesterday’s Guest Poem by Bob, here’s the final poem that Bob brought for me to read…….before the poem he wrote the following:

Each new day I am increasingly conscious of becoming less able to be ‘there’ to move the smallest mountains or even be close by to make idle decisions. Thereafter I find myself in constant consideration that I am seen by others as unaware of who, what and why I am.

My response is only to help confirm this appraisal by withdrawing and not contributing to the interaction in case my ‘viewpoint’ doesn’t coincide with that of those around me.

Herewith, an attempt to bring this together……..

When I think I’m ‘on track’
In total control,
Arrives a ‘black hole’
Mocking my mind!
I’m a lost
Random soul!
Lock down your mind
Empty your head!
Start thinking again;
Mind what you said!

Be who you are!
Engage and delight!
Make love, laughter, living,
Everlasting bright!

For wherever you are, whatever you do,
No matter the question,
The answer is YOU!

Guest Poem……by Bob

Last Thursday at my last book event in Beverley, two people came up to me afterwards to chat; Bob who is living with dementia and his wife. Bob had brought me two poems to read along with a speech he’d written. Poetry is his way of relieving the frustration of dementia. He didn’t bring them for me to publish, he simply wanted me to read them.

However, they are so wonderful, that I asked if I could share them with you and after much persuading Bob agreed. His wife was over the moon that they would be published here and I imagine she is the ‘Sue’ in the poem😊

So here’s the first and the other will be here tomorrow…..

Poetry in Promotion……an exercise in exorcising!

Perhaps I wouldn’t choose to be
The me I am that now is me
But on the other hand, my mind
Can usually, make its way to find
An ‘outlet’ that will cause relief;
Re-establish self belief.

And then there’s Sue
And others too
Who feel and ‘know’
And see me through

Through the ‘pictures’ smeared and blurred.
To have ‘self sorrow’ is quite absurd!
When I taste that ‘loss’ in me
I exorcise through poetry…………

The Panic Of TIME ……..Poem

I wrote this poem the other day after waking, thinking it was the early morning when it was, in fact, the  afternoon and after only a few minutes of sleep. It wasn’t a normal confusion on waking, I really didn’t know the time of day. I was totally confused and anxious. It took me a good while to work out the reality and understand what was going on. It was my new technology friend, Alexa. who helped bring me back to reality and offer calmness in the end – that was once I remembered she was there and saw the little black box on my bedside table………

The Panic of TIME

I’m peacefully asleep
Time of no importance
At peace with time
Time can disorientate
Time can confuse

But then the peace is disturbed
I awake
And Like a Jack in a Box
Time JUMPS out at me
I need to know the TIME

If I can keep track of TIME
I can keep dementia at bay
But if I lose that sense of control
That’s when it laughs in my face
That’s when dementia comes out to play

The cruel deception or the lies
Is it day time or night?
I need to know the time
I tap on my wrist
The reassuring light of my Fitbit
Illuminates the TIME

My heart rate declines
The panic decreases
I’m in control of dementia
I’m in control of TIME
I close my eyelids, hiding the wide awake eyeballs

Peace again as I drift into asleep…………

Imagine……a Poem for World Alzheimers Day.

I sit here as me
The me that was
The confident me
The working me
The dementia free me

My thoughts razor sharp
My head is clear
My mind no longer confused
No longer slow and tired
No more worries for those close and dear

I sit here today and the world understands
No one questions, no one cries
The elusive cure has finally arrived
And so the world is free
Of this tragic disease

I sit here and wake and sadly
It was all a dream…….