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I know I usually try and be upbeat…but this poem was written after hearing the heartbreaking news that one of my playmates from Minds and Voices, Rita,  had taken her last breathe…. just states my greatest fear at the mo and the greatest fear of many of my playmates living with dementia…..and every now and then it whittles in my head… I thought, if I write it down, it might not appear so often….

When this is all over

Will we remember what to do?

When we’re allowed to trundle

When we’re allowed to crowd…..


When this is all over

Will we be able once more

To take a simple trip

To walk into a crowded room


When this is all over

We’ll all need support

To discover a new normal

To discover the world once more…….


or will it be too late………?….sadly no one knows….

Dedicated to my lovely playmate Rita, the gorgeous lady that could light up the room with her smile……..


A Different world…..Poem…

Empty lanes and empty fields

Cars sitting quiet in the street…

The sound of bird song loud and clear

Food for the soul and music to my ear……

Feels like a different world

We’re inhabiting right now

With different routines to discover

Different guidelines to follow

No greeting friends with hugs and kisses

No touch, no physical hellos

But we can still smile a smile

Still see and hear

Remember what we do still have not what we don’t……hard as it may be….


A Day for Me…..Poem

I’m having a day for me today

A me day by the sea

So I’m trundling through the countryside

Along the beautiful east coast


My companion is my camera

To capture the seaside sights

I just want to feel the sea breeze

And smell the fresh sea air……….


The detail will be forgotten

In the blink of the eye

But I’ll still have my piccies

My memory of the day gone by…….



In Search of Spring……Poem

Needed to go searching for Spring today

After all the rain and the snow

Just tiny glimpses of what’s to come

Is all I wanted to show

I do love the winter time

But now I’ve had enough

Just need to feel the heat from the sun

To see those tiny diamonds sprouting in the rough

I needed to see some colour today

To make sure spring was on its way

And I did…I did see the signs

Signs of a spring bouquet …..

‘Twas the beauty of the clouds…… Poem…..

This was written after a trundle last Wednesday…….

Twas the beauty of the clouds

That attracted my attention

That pulled me out of idleness

And took me for a trundle


Fingers of colour

Grey pink and red

Suspended like pillows

In the sky’s own bed

A local came towards me

Exchanging hellos and goodbyes

“It’ll snow within 10days’ he said

What clues have I missed

In the early evening sky

Only time will tell……..

P.S…..he was right….we were in Leeds yesterday and it was snowing!….

What Belonging Means to Me……..Poem…

In this months  “Our deep News” we were asked to consider whether we felt ‘we belonged’ to the DEEP Network and what belonging meant to us….Through the Dementia Enquirers project, they’re trying to find a way of ‘measuring’ belonging….my playmates are certainly very special to me……

I decided to try and write a poem using some of the words people had suggested, so here’s my offering…….


Being part of something special

A second f a m i l y

Where acceptance is a given

In each other’s company so happily….


Knowing and feeling your safe

That comfort and warmth given freely

That virtual hug of belonging

To our Dementia Family

You can listen to me reading it on Dementia Diaries…


I needed to take a trundle ….poem

You know how sometimes you just need to escape the 4 walls and breathe in fresh air? Well one of those dayS was last Sunday. I didn’t hold out much hope of a dry walk as I’d woken to fog followed by heavy rain….but then, the skies cleared and suddenly the sun decided to shine so I took the opportunity …..

I needed to take a trundle today

To breathe in some lovely fresh air

I needed to take a trundle today

To simply wander and stare

I needed to take a trundle today

After all the fog and the rain

I needed to take a trundle today

Along my village lanes……..

and when I got home……it clouded over again…🙄