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Imagine…….Poem revisited

I wrote this for World Alzheimers day 2018….since nothing has changed and we seem no nearer to the elusive cure, I thought it worthwhile repeating on this World Alzheimer’s week….

I sit here as me
The me that was
The confident me
The working me
The dementia free me

My thoughts razor sharp
My head is clear
My mind no longer confused
No longer slow and tired
No more worries for those close and dear

I sit here today and the world understands
No one questions, no one cries
The elusive cure has finally arrived
And so the world is free
Of this tragic disease

I sit here and wake and sadly
It was all a dream…….

Chosen this song simply because of the title and I love it….


A Trundle and a half……Poem

So there’s trundles and there’s trundles

But this weeks broke the mould

Setting off for my 10 mile hike

Some thought I was quite bold


But a good cause was pushing me

Forcing my every step

It was of course my playmates

To Minds and Voices , I am in debt


My playmates all around the country

All around the world

I owe so much to so many

Because of them my life unfurled….


You see, our peers just know

What our lives are really like

It’s so comforting to hear

“Oh I did that!” When dementia strikes


So I started off at Appletrees

And headed for the Lake

Past landmarks of sheer beauty

In my paradise of Keswick

To all my playmates who show each other we ‘still can’ – thank you 🙏

You can hear me reading this on Dementia Diaries…..Click on the link below


There could only be one song to go with my walk……

A Early Sunday Morning trundle……Poem

Out early last Sunday morning

Stillness and silence filled the air

As the world was still waking and stirring

I trundled alone without a care…


Then turning the corner I spied

The farmers wife walking towards me

“We were going to start harvesting today

But rain is is in the air, we’ll leave it be”


“But next week looks better”

I said with a smile

“Ah, yes, some sunshine just what we need

To get in the harvest, I hope it stays around a while”


We said our goodbyes

And went our separate ways

I looked at the sky,

Didn’t look like rain……

But as I stood there feeding the ducks, the drizzle started……..🙄

I chose this song, simply because it made me chuckle when I found it……




Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon….Poem

Off on my trundle on a sunny afternoon

Seeeing who and what’s about

Lazing in the sunshine ducks on one leg stand

One eye open, in case there’s food no doubt

The sheep in the field on this hot sunny day

Dressed more for winter

So lay in the shade

And snooze and laze on this hot summers day

Out in the fields

The crops golden and ripe

The birds helping themselves

To the bountiful seeds of any type….

Finally to the allotment

Where peace reigns all year round

And I instantly feel tranquil

At the sites that I’ve found

As for me on this hot summers day

I trundle with my camera to see what I can see

Silently watching, listening for sound

And hope to capture that one shot, that will make me smile with glee


I’ve missed seeing the water…..Poem

I miss seeing the Humber

Crossing alongside on the train

Seeing the vast expense of the Humber Bridge

Beautiful sun rises and misty rain

But Sarah took me back there

For a walk along the shore

To see it dominating the landscape

To see it again once more

The water was so calm

With a mist in the air

It was so nice to be back again

Just sitting and able to stare

Natures healing properties…..Poem

Stood underneath natures own canapy

Protected from the rain

I stood there silently, quietly

Listenening and calming my brain

Stood underneath a tree

Natures own umbrella

Who needs a plastic canopy

When you have this wondrous tree fella

Growing seeds is natures own antidepressant

Watching them grow and flourish

Nurturing them, watering, caring for them

Giving love and they, in return, give us pleasure

In this strange time

We’ve found ourselves in

Nature has played such a large part

In helping us cope, helping us destress, helping us survive and attempt to win……

It’s August, Is it really…….?……Poem

It’s August, Is it really?

Can it really be?

What happened to the other months

Did they pass me by, go unseen?


Such a strange year it’s been

Never one quite like it

Where months disappeared

In the face of Covid 19


Days roll into one

Months merge and come and go

Will the old normal ever return

Or will the future be different tomorrows…….


Hickory Dickory Dock……Poem

Hickory Dickory Dock

Time appears to have stopped

With Covid 19

dominating the scene

Hickory Dicory Dock


Ring a ring a roses

The questions that it poses

With masks on our faces

And tissues in hand in all the right places

Contradictory statements……I’m losing the will to live


Baa baa black sheep

Calm my sinking mood

With Mary Mary quite contrary

Show me beauty and how to be merry

For the last few months have made me quite wary


So Hickory Dicory Dock

Make time speed up a lot

Take me to a place

Where sanity reigns

And leave behind this rot…..


The True Meaning of Paradise……Poem

I need some sunshine

More than just sunny rays

I need a purpose for living

To see paradise again….

I need to sit on Friars Cragg

Alone in silence and peace

I need the Robin to stay with me

To help the fog to cease…

I need my room with a view

Every now and then

To give me that sense of tranquility

To bring me back to life again

The images I hold onto

When I visit my paradise

Are ones of simple peace, calm and beauty

Images and memories which have no price to me….


Chose this song as it came to mind when I saw the Robin that keeps me company at Friars Cragg….



Lost season……Poem

Feels like we lost the spring

And now maybe the summer too

No visits to my paradise

Although temptation is coming into view


But we’ve also gained so much more

During this strange world time

We’ve gained the ability to stop and stare

And appreciate close up, that season of springtime


So now we’re in Summer

Will that pass us by?

Or have we finally learnt

Just to see what’s nearby?