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How a fall can easily happen with dementia …..

While I was in my paradise of Keswick, you may have read, that during the final day I had two falls as I walked around the lake. I know exactly why they occurred…..I was trying to do two things at once….🙄…I find it so difficult to walk and do something else at the same time. I usually stop to take a photo, so that’s ok, but on this particular day my mind wandered and I paid the price…My gait has also change, I can often shuffle my feet along instead of picking them up 🙄

The first fall was just as I came to the wood and for some reason, decided to take my hanky out of my left hand pocket with my right hand. That as well as walking was never going to end well and down I went. Didn’t really hurt myself that time as it was on the dusty ground. My camera was the first thing I checked and it was ok 😂…

But the second time, I was nearing the end of 18 out of 20 miles that day, so maybe my legs were doubly tired. But again, I decided to concentrate on the llamas and keep walking instead of stopping, as I usually do. This time I fell badly. I didn’t realise the damage I’d done until the following day in the shower. Both knees were just a big bruise, my right hand side was bruised, my forehead had an egg on it 😳 but the worse was my right arm. It was bruised from the elbow up to my shoulder and not a pretty site. Thankfully I could move everything so no bones broken just my whole body ached from the jarring…

Luckily I was travelling home the next day, so had a day of sitting on the train, but even the following day at home, I actually stayed in all day as I felt shaken and definitely stirred. By chance it was raining all day so the temptation to go out was zero anyway. The following day I had some calendars to post and 2 to deliver and it was a lovely September morning. However, going out I didn’t feel as steady, I was hesitant in my steps, it had really knocked my confidence…again, luckily, my faithful camera took my mind off it as I reached the pond. The Mandarin ducks colourful plumage becoming more distinct and bright as autumn approaches..

We also seemed to have acquired a racing pigeon that’s gone off course or maybe had enough of flying.

I’ve called him Peter….he’s so handsome..

Each morning he queues with the Muscovy ducks on the fence for its breakfast 😍 Simon the duck man, who feeds them each morning, was telling me how now it believes it’s a duck and the other ducks aren’t giving it any trouble 🤣 so he’s settling in nicely. He must sense we’ll look after him 😂

I only did half of my usual walk, not like me at all, but my body felt very battered and sore. The site of a robin amongst the sheep made me smile

And then squirrel after squirrel appeared in the church yard.

All looking for breakfast or their secret stash of nuts

The church standing proud in the sunshine 

Time for a cuppa, but I’d certainly lost a bit of my trundling sparkle, but hopefully it will be short lived. Just remember, as I must do, that many people with dementia find it difficult to concentrate on more than one thing at a time, me in particular 🙈…..