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A trundle with a promise thrown in……..

This particular Sunday had been forecast to be stormy, with heavy showers… as I looked outside at the morning sunshine I decided I’d risk it and go out round the village for a trundle…..

I went the opposite way round this particular morning finishing, instead of starting at the pond. How glad was I when I spotted the first lambs at the heart of the village. Little black and white ones with such unusual markings..

I knew they’d be there eventually and has gone by hopeful many times, but today here they were

I could just see the two so hopefully more to come….

Along the road, houses on the left, fields to my right. The sky looking dark in the distance but for now the sun was shining on the village. I snapped the mirage lane and unbeknown to me, I caught a hare skipping across the road. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed. You’ll have to zoom in to spot it…

Turning left, a couple had stopped and told me about the drift of forget me nots in the local park. For those that don’t know, the forget me not flower is the symbol of dementia. They looked lovely alongside the daisies and dandelions…

As I made my way through the houses, a man I know was outside cleaning his car. I love it when he has the garage opened as inside is his gleaming pride and joy …

He promised me a ride in it when the weather improves….I just need to remember now 🤪….

A villager came out of her house asking if I had any copies of my book left for her to buy, so after tapping in her address into my phone I said I’d be back at the end of my trundle…

Soooo many flowers were in bloom in people’s gardens…the opulent peony 

And bottle brush shrub to name a couple

Along the back lane, the dark sky in the distance was becoming ever closer

Holly the horse was out with her rider who stopped to say hello and for me to have a cuddle with this beautiful beast. Only since dementia have I been able to go near animals, let alone stroke and hold them. No fear now have I as I’ve faced my biggest fear facing dementia

As they left, a bullfinch burst into song on the hedgerow

Fast forward and I’d almost reached the pond, as a crack of thunder echoed round the village. A blackbird was rummaging the ground for a tasty titbit to give to its young

As I reached the pond one duck had a stretch as though preparing for the downpour

The rest of the pond was quiet, the Mandarin the only other duck in sight

Maybe they knew the storm would arrive. Within a nano second, another crash of thunder heralded a downpour of hail and within minutes I was soaked. Luckily I’d managed to hide my camera inside my coat as by the time I reached home I looked and felt like the proverbial drowned rat as I chuckled my way out of the wet clothes……time for a cuppa……

Saturday morning trundle into town……..with a soaring spectacle…

Slowly but surely a type of normality is resuming, so on Saturday morning I decided to walk into town for two reasons; firstly to get used to constant traffic passing me by, and secondly to get used to crowds again…..or at least try…..

The weathermen had said it would be a rubbish weekend but I woke to white clouds that didn’t look as though they contained the promised threat. I set off with the intent of arriving in plenty of time for the bus home, time to venture into the crowds depending how I felt.

Such strange May weather we’re having, signs of spring everywhere but still little warmth in the sun 🙄

Along by the pond, checking up on the few remaining looking for grubs in the slimey moss on the waterfall

The moorhen chicks growing fast and no longer looking like googly eyed balls of fluff

Out of the village leaving the traffic lights behind me, when I saw something hovering high in the sky. I couldn’t quite identify it at first, it was so far away and so high…

It swooped and soared again, it’s prey escaping its clutches. Then it hovered lower in the sky enabling me to get a closer look

It was a Kestral. The film, Kes, is one of my all time favourites films. When I looked it up, I couldn’t believe it was released in 1969 😳…the story of a young working class boy who spends his time training and flying his pet Kestrel…..a wonderful film for so many reasons…

It had made my day, capturing it up close. I would have been happy if that had been the only photo I captured that trundle, but of course, it wasn’t.

Onward, with the weekend traffic speeding by me. My hearing aids doing a good job. I was hoping the lambs would be in the roadside field. Just a couple today, snuggling into one another

The Westwood sign came into view

The clouds were really dark and threatening on one side of me, and on the other the sun was trying to shine….such is the way with the English weather at the mo…..🙄

The buttercups were glowing golden against the dark sky

The pastures masters purposely mow paths through the buttercups and leave the rest for us all to enjoy

Most of the cows were scattered across the lower end towards town, the Minster standing proud in the distance

A huge number of cows came into view at the bottom of the pasture, all milling round, wondering whether to stand or sit….one reaching up to the tasty young shoots of the trees

A group of 4 eyeing me up…

Then they started to move and decided to use their right of way on the road, stopping the traffic as they went, one bull reminding the drivers who has right of way..😂

Before long they were all settled at the opposite side, simply grazing on the lush grass 

or sat amongst the buttercups…

My final shot as town approached. My camera away, the hoards were waiting, but luckily I’d timed it so I only had to wait a little while before returning home on the village bus…….another hurdle achieved in preparation for my trip to Keswick……

Yesterday’s journey continued……

Following on from yesterdays blog, we were almost home when I asked Sarah if we could make one tiny detour, to see the bluebells and the buttercups on the Westwood.

So instead of taking the turning to the village at the roundabout, we took a left towards the racecourse, at the edge of the Westwood and parked up.

I just love the Westwood when it’s carpeted in buttercups

The golden colour and delicate petals just make me smile. I remember as a child we use to hold a buttercup under our chin to see if we liked butter….of course it glowed yellow under everyone’s tiny chin….

The bluebell wood can be seen from a distance, the haze of mauve covering the ground…through the little gate and there we were

Surrounded by a haze of wonder. We stopped and listened to the cacophony of sound. Birds of all varieties competing to be heard, but we couldn’t spy a single one.

Winding our way round the man made paths of trodden earth, it felt so peaceful and calm, even though the birds were in full song

The darkness of the tree cover occasionally broken by the sunlight coming through the tops of the trees

I’m so lucky to have so much beauty on my doorstep. Making our way out, back into the sunlight, the heat of the sun now warm as midday approached. The Minster in the distance stood on the horizon

And the black mill, my safety landmark, showing me I was near home

Now we really had to get back home as Sarah was on Night duty that evening, so needed some shut eye

By the time Sarah dropped me off it had turned into a ‘no coat’ kinda day, and still having some energy left in my legs, I had one last trundle to see if the lambs were out…..even though there was only one, I wasn’t disappointed…

What a wonderful day……❤️

A Visit to the coast……..

I woke to a lovely day. Sarah was picking me up at 09.30 to visit Hornsea Mere, a reservoir I’d never been to but passed many times on the bus to Hornsea. But first I had a trundle round the village to see what was going on…

It had been raining overnight and the village pond looked calm and peaceful 

Terence the Terrapin had just surfaced in readiness for what promised to be a lovely basking day

The Moorhen chicks were now losing their google eyes and had rapidly transformed into youngsters

Round the back of the village, the sun lit up my path ahead of me. All alone, still quiet.

The first of the beautiful oriental poppies, one of my favourite flowers, was in full bloom

And as I headed down the lane, just a short walk this morning, everything seemed right in the village, even down to the Robin hopping in front of me to wish me good morning

Sarah arrived as planned and we headed off through the East Yorkshire countryside for the short drive to the Mere. I’m usually sat upstairs on a bus when we drive by so see the Mere appear long before we did today in the car. It’s vast expanse of water seems to appear miles before the entrance. 

I imagine it to be a busy place usually, especially in the summer, but today, just a few dog walkers. Only the café open for take away drinks, no public loos yet open, so we gave that a miss. The boats, usually available to hire floating dormant in the water

Won’t be long, just another week before a full service can resume, but today we just had the baby goslings to entertain us

I could see swans in the far distance with my camera but even the zoom couldn’t pick them up clearly….

Private boats had the lake to themselves today, no amateur rowers to contend with. Me and Sarah promised ourselves we’d be one of those rowers the next time we visited…

But for today, it was just the goslings, so we headed off to see the sea next instead

Only a 2 minute drive and we were at the coast. We ambled onto the beach, a mix of sand and stone. The tide on it’s way out. 

I love watching and listening to the sea ebb and flow and seeking what treasures it leaves behind on the shore. I picked up a pure white pebble, just the one, as the sea washed over it leaving it perfectly lying on top of the wet sand. There’s nothing sudden about the sea. It’s rhythmic nature calm yet powerful. I could watch over it for hours

The seagulls were my entertainment here

Some paddling in the water, playing with the waves

A small child and her mum racing out to meet the waves and the child racing back as soon as the icy cold water washed over her bare toes

As we turned and retraced our steps, it was almost time to go, but just time to have a cuppa tea and watch the sea and the seagulls once more

That’s not the end of the journey…but more of that tomorrow…..

From village, to town and now small city……

I’m slowly building up my travels ready for Keswick…from my village, to towns and now it was time for a small city, York. 

I’d almost forgotten York was a bus ride away, it had never occurred to me to travel there. I suppose the reason being, its in the next county and we’ve been restricted to our own county for so long 🤔 But then a friend on the village bus said she’d been to York and that put the possibility back in my head – if she can do it, I can do it….

I was convinced it was going to be busy, overwhelming, so I decided to take an early morning walk in the village beforehand to calm my nerves….it was my first 6am trundle for a while due to the weather and it was gloriously peaceful

The birds were out in force all making the most of the peace

The squirrel caught red headed with breakfast in his mouth as he climbed the tree to munch away quietly

The ponies in the paddock still half asleep and still huddled together in the early morning sunlight

And just before I reached home, a Robin stopped and posed for the camera – the perfect start to what might be a stressful day

I caught the village bus into town and waited the few minutes for the York bus to arrive. I’d never been on a quiet York bus before, always full of happy shoppers or tourists ready to see the ancient sights of the city of York, but not today. Today there was no queue for the bu. I was relieved but it felt strange. Just a handful of passengers and me with the pick of the seats on the upper deck, all the better to see the views of the journey…

I didn’t expect to have the chance to see the fields of gold over the Wolds this year; my annual treat for a couple of months each year. So it took my breathe away as we climbed into the Wolds with the familiar sight of the windmills and glorious golden fields side by side

From the top of the Wolds and being on the upper deck I could see for miles

This once constant familiar journey, revealing itself mile by mile once more. Through Market Weighton and Pocklington, familiarising myself once more with the landscape. There seemed to be lots of changes, or was that just me forgetting 🤔 or were houses now sitting where fields once were…..probably.

I’d forgotten how long the journey was. The most I’d done before now was 40 minutes; this was double and I found it very tiring; my eyelids closing with the constant travel as few passengers got on and off. I also hadn’t built into my plan, the need for the loo 😳… tired brain desperately trying to conjure up an image of where I would find a toilet in York 🙈

As we approached the city I became aware of announcements and suddenly realised the bus was talking – it was announcing each stop and as I looked above me there was also a scrolling sign stating the destination. For some reason I’d been oblivious to its voice until now

That’s a real change and one for the better. Nothing worse on a bus than not knowing where you are or where to get off – well done East Rider…

I also saw Scooters for hire at the side of the street, another happy addition and looked fun to have a go on

As I got off I could see Marks and Spencer ahead of me and headed there hoping their public loos would be open. Thankfully they were, otherwise I’m not sure where I would have headed for! Note to self – remember to think of loos on long journeys….

The escalator took me by surprise. Not been on one for ages and suddenly had to grip harder than I remember. Not used to large shops with several floors. Finding the escalator that went the right way took me round in circles. 

Heading out onto once so familiar streets, it felt odd.Over a year since I’ve been to this city that was once my home and today the hustle and bustle was missing; people were missing. I was glad in one way, but sad in another. The atmosphere of this happy tourist place seemed to be lying dormant. 

I could see the Minster peaking through these ancient cobbled streets and decided to head there, surely there’ll be tourists there

But no, just me and my camera and a handful of people milling the streets. The Minsters imposing entrance looming large and proud saying “look I’m still here” as I snapped once more

Usually its hard to find a spot where the crowds aren’t but today I could wander where I wanted and made my way away from the Minster

And down to the Museum gardens, the place usually full of people having picnics on the lawns and simply admiring the ancient past

But today just a couple of people in the distance, the crowds yet to return. It felt like I had the beautiful spring flower displays to myself

The time now ticking away and just time for me to see the river. I wonder how many times I ran down one side and up the opposite when I lived here…?

The pleasure boats desperately needing tourists back to fill their seats

A final trundle back through town towards my final destination. So many empty boarded up shops made for a sorry sight; the damage done by Covid clear to see for businesses. 

The final bridge over the river, a little busier here.

I wanted to see if the whirlpool was still stirring at the foot of the bridge, the constant in my visits to York and it was. As so much in our lives has changed over the last year, that one constant of nature still swirls by this bridge and that put a comforting smile on my face….

The tourists will be back, life will go on, we just need to build ourselves up slowly….and I made my way back home from one lovely small but perfectly formed city, back to the safety of my village

Another milestone aim ticked off……✅

Finally found my glasses ……..!

I lost my glasses at the beginning of lockdown, or should I say, I couldn’t find them…..🙄 Well after a year of being glassesless I eventually managed to get an appointment at the opticians. I booked it in March but couldn’t get in until May! So a long wait. In the meantime I found them 🙈…..they weren’t lost; they weren’t even hiding; I just couldn’t see their dark blue colour against a dark mat they were sat upon 😳……no contrast so they became invisible to me 🙈…..

So I decided to treat myself to some brighter coloured ones. The other weekend was appointment day. The appointment was at 10.10 am and since it was a sunny morning I decided to set off early and trundle into town with my camera round my neck. I wore the glasses for the first time in over a year and it was amazing how much I could now see 🤣

But I soon began to realise a problem….taking photos and wearing varivocals is very tricky. The clearness I have without them, now blurred when I try and look through the lens 😳….maybe the optician would be able to advise…so I persevered and imagined they must be in focus when I snapped 🤪 Wasn’t until I got home and loaded them that I saw most were…😇

The ducklings were my treat as I headed through the village. The Moorhen chicks always do well, losing only one or two

But the Mallard ducklings have diminished in numbers big time 😔….the 20 or 30 we had, now down to 8-10…😢 natures very cruel at times….but at least the few we have are better than none..and are adorable. For once they were sleepy and still instead of whizzing round the pond, still tired…

And the Moorhen chick always looking comical but cute.

On through the village, blossom everywhere now and looking a picture and as the wind blows, the delicate candy floss pink petals fall like snow..

Out towards the Westwood now and the trundle is becoming harder. Some days I can walk for miles but today I was struggling, my breathing hard, my legs heavy – no rhyme nor reason why, just happens. I’m hearing aidless at the moment too so the Saturday morning traffic was uncomfortable to my ears. However, they’re sending me a replacement for the one I lost, in the post 🙌, so all should be well soon.

Passed the farm and the twin lambs were in the field, one laying out of sight, the other in camera view

The Black Mill appeared ahead in the distance, a few cows lazing on the grass just in sight

As I turned the corner and wobbled over the cattle grid, I could see the more cows were down on the opposite side to the Mill, so walked alongside the road. Some cows making the drivers nervous and slow down as they munched the grass at the roadside, the drivers not sure whether they wanted the grass on the other side

Others just lazed

I love this view of the Minster, looking large. I have an image of this view from my early morning taxi from way back, the sun rising and the Minster lit up highlighting its magnificence

The trees through the middle of the Westwood now beginning to get their summer outfits of leaves

Time to put my camera away, my mask on as I approached the town, now crowded and noisy. I didn’t have to wait too long for the optician to appear. We went through the normal tests, what could I see, better with this lens or that. Apparently I’ve got the start of cataracts in both eyes, but he said it could be years before they become a problem and it’s the most common operation in the world, taking minutes instead of hours. No point in worrying about that then until it happens.

I then asked him about my camera…..

Ah yes, you can’t wear varifocal glasses when using a camera, the lens positioning of the glasses won’t be right’

😳😳😳……he finished by saying I do need a new prescription and someone would help me choose brighter coloured glasses. The choice was overwhelming though, the girl handing me so many different ones to try, none of them quite right. I just wanted to get out so I said I’d have to bring my daughter to help me. Nothing is ever simple is it?

When I got back home and after a cuppa tea, I went out to take more piccies as dark clouds were looming. I didn’t put my glasses on, after all what was the point if I had to keep taking them off and putting them on again… I snapped away, I began to think….well I’ve done without them for the past year, do I really need them because my camera walks are more important to me than seeing perfectly…..mmmm, I’ll have a think 🤔 and the church yard looked lovely with its cherry blossom in full flower….

A day of one trundle after another…..

The day after my beach walk I must have had ants in my pants, as I just couldn’t sit still, I needed to be outside trundling. Even from when I woke, I had an instant desire to be outside. It’s a while since I’ve had a crack of dawn walk, but today I was up and out

Seemed like the world was alive as I felt today in the peace and calm of early morning

Round the field to the pond and the ducklings were up and about, 2 sets out on the path while it was still quiet and empty

I didn’t disturb them and gave them a wide berth so they could continue unafraid as they were there first…

A solitary mallard giving me the perfect silhouette in the pond

Off round the copse and then along the lane where the squirrel was playing hide and seek in the tree trunk

Then along the paddock up to halfpenny cottage where a Robin greeted me from the fence post

Along the lane I could see a horse out for its morning walk being led by one of the friendly stable girls. She called out, as she approached, that she was taking the birthday girl for a walk. It was Holly the horses 13thbirthday, so I gently sang happy birthday before they went on their way

Through the church yard and almost home, I stood and watched a Robin singing its heart out, perched on a gravestone

The first of my walks done and home for a cuppa tea. But I couldn’t settle, I was itching to be outside once more. I seemed to have so much energy that I decided to walk to Folly lake and back, something I hadn’t managed to do for months.

Other walkers now out and about, I knew I’d be safe as I set off. A long dusty lane lay ahead, as we havn’t had any rain for 9 weeks now…so the earth is dry, the fields in much need of a soaking….but they won’t get it today

So many butterflies around on this dry sunny day, most fluttering about in the air, but this one decided to land at just the right moment

Across the fields, wishing everyone a good morning as they passed me by, I eventually came to the corner just before the Folly turning and the copse was alive with bluebells, a purple haze of these beauties

Two men were approaching me, father and son. They weren’t local, the dad visiting his son and spending time with him for the first time in ages. The father and me compared notes on our camera and he asked if there was anything interesting to photograph, so I told him to do the full circuit back to the folly and he’d seen lots of lovely sights…..

Heading down to the folly, I could see and hear lots of people taking advantage of the lovely café there. Fishermen were scattered with all their paraphernalia around the lakes

I should have rested on one of the benches, but my legs were itching to get going again, so I climbed the slope back out onto the single track road.

A beautiful crowd of yellow tulips, their petals edged with orange greeted me as I came to the farm house

And then, my long walk was rewarded. I’d been hoping they’d be there, but the smile on my face must have said how pleased I was as the first local lambs came into view

Such a joy to watch them play

Watching them snuggling next to mum

The father and son approached me coming the other way, their circuit almost done. They chatted again, telling me what they’d seen, but then they saw the lambs and were gone in a second…..Satisfied I had enough piccies, I went back along the long dusty lane, the fields showing signs of the potato harvest that will appear later in the year

My body beginning to flag, I let my camera rest as I concentrated on getting home, my mind now started to fizzle, someone even asking me if I was ok, but I was just concentrating on getting home….but after a refreshing cuppa, I was out for a final time, this time local.

Along the mirage lane to see the fields of gold

Each delicate flower a beauty in its own right

Three pheasants catching my eye as I looked to the right

And finally to the pond, where I started all my trundles early in the day. I got there just as the Heron was taking flight

I went down to where it had landed and reminded it what I’d said about leaving the ducklings alone. We still have a fair number including the Moorhen chicks

The rest of the ducklings were busy ignoring the heron and one had found a sneaky way up the steps, up underneath, where the edge had eroded…

As I watched the goose snuggle down for a nap….I too began to feel jaded, happy but tired

So off I went home for a cuppa tea, knowing it would be for the last time today, no more energy to venture out…..well…apart from snapping the moon before bed…the perfect end to a perfect day…

Another try at venturing out……

After the disaster of the train journey to the coast the other week, I decided to try again, but this time on the bus to Hornsea, a seaside town just a 30 minute bus ride from town. I have to get the hang of the outside world as my trip to my paradise of Keswick is now only a few weeks away..

I’ve been very good with my hearing aids and have taken her advice of taking a deep breathe when anything noisy approaches and  having a relaxed posture and muscle tone as that also convinces the brain that the loud noises aren’t such a big threat.

So camera round my neck, which also serves to relax me, I decided to trundle into town instead of taking the early morning bus, as then I might see the town cows who were having their first day of freedom on the Westwood and would be there for the summer.

Checking on the ducklings first and the Moorhen was having her morning shower..

The ducklings were awake, bright eyed and bushy feathers

All was well as I went passed the traffic lights and out of the village onto the main road. The spring blossom is now coming into full bloom and looking glorious against the blue sky of the morning

As I neared the Westwood I could see the town cows around the Black Mill

Everyone is warned when the cows are first set free as they’re frisky and new to their surroundings. They have no concept of cars and horns but they have right of way. It is their land and it happens to have a road running through it so drivers have to be patient

The meadow comes alive when they appear and I adore their sight

Especially against the horizon on a lovely sunny day as this was

I love to see Wisteria hanging against a wall, cascades of perfumed mauve flowers now visible as I head through the houses

Now at the bus station, the bus soon arrived. Always a quiet bus and a lovely ride is it’s a double decker; the views from upstairs revealing gems hidden over the hedges

We soon reached the coast. I was uncertain what to expect here; would there be the crowds of the previous week the overwhelming noise? Thankfully not.

There was calm and the expanse of the tide reaching for the shore. I climbed downthe steps and walked along the beach and stood on the sea edge listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the breakers

I had an hour before the bus would take me back again, so I ambled along the sand and pebbles, so many different shapes and colours.. A seagull perched high up on a beacon out at sea, having a morning nap

And a child in the distance feeling the sea wash over her toes maybe for the first time watching in fascination – wonder what’s she thinking…?

Almost time to retrace my steps so I climbed onto the prom this time. I hadn’t noticed the people from below, but it wasn’t overwhelming, people were ambling like me or sat on a bench with a cuppa tea watching the sea.

Thankfully this was a different experience to the week before, a better one, one I could cope with. One last look at the sea before heading home and a ghost ship on the horizon catches my eye going who knows where…

The outside world is becoming easier to manage, easier to re-enter, slowly but surely…..

A stern tête-à-tête with the resident Heron……..

Duckling time is such a glorious time – it feels like it’s heralding the start of something new, of giving hope and boy do we need hope at the moment!. However, it also means the annual visit by the Heron will start again 🙈….as the sun gets warmer, the fish in the village pond start to come to the surface, providing it with its lunch 🙄…..what I do take umbridge to it’s its liking for ducklings when the fish don’t surface 😳…..

Anyway, after my marathon trundle the day before which I told you about last week, I decided it would be a one trundle day and I’d remain in the village. 

I decided to go out at lunchtime as another resident had posted on Facebook how the Heron was there and me and him needed to have a chat……😂

As the pond came into view, so did the Heron

Such beautiful elegant creatures, yet with murder in mind…..

As he saw me approaching he flew off to the other end trying to avoid our conversation…

I was pleased to see a new brood of ducklings and was aghast to count 11 this time 😳….

The heron opened its wings as if to fly again

But then changed its mind and paddled it’s long legs elegantly across to the rear of the pond

I gave him a hard stare, then told him to keep to the fish stocks and leave the ducklings alone otherwise I’d take his bad side next time I saw him

I’ve lost count of the number of families we have now….🤔….think its 3, maybe 4 with the Moorhens….

I told the Heron, I’d be back at the end of my trundle to do a duckling count and went off towards the back lane.

As I glanced up at the sky, I could see Red Kites hovering high. It was difficult to get a clear shot but this was my best offering – such majestic creatures

Along the long lane and the birds were singing happily and a Robin, bade me good afternoon

The village is so colourful with spring wonders round every corner

Back through the churchyard and a squirrel froze thinking I wouldn’t see it against the tree trunk

Back to the pond and the heron had flown, hopefully having taken head of my warning. I counted the ducklings as best I could……

Yes, all present and correct as I trundled back home, the sound of children leaving school and excited voices relaying the tales of the day……..

A more relaxing visit to the coast…..

After yesterdays traumatic first venture into the outer world, Sarah had txted me asking if I wanted to go with her to Fraisethorpe that I spoke of yesterday. It’s known as a Dogs Paradise and dog walkers and happy dogs spend many an hour there. Within a stones throw of Bridlington yet a totally different world. Wide expanses of beach and sea and I’d have the comfort of Sarah next to me so I happily agreed…

Sarah wasn’t due until 10.30 so I had time for my early morning. It was another cold and frosty morning as I set off through the field

Yet the sun was shining brightly. It was still early so the pond was still and quiet, the ducks just getting ready for the day ahead.

I was back to see how the ducklings had survived the night but couldn’t see them anywhere to begin with. A beautiful haze hung over the water. The coldness of the night meeting the warmth of the morning sun

Then I spotted them at the far end of the pond on the little island with mum

Trying to count them all as they scurried here and there

Still ten, thank goodness, all had survived the night. I love this time of year when the first appear. It’s as though nature is giving you a reason to be hopeful

Satisfied that all was well in duck land, I wended my way round my usual circular route. 

A pheasant brightening up the early morning field, where the harvest was starting to appear

The beauty of a gold finch high up on the top most branch of the tree on look out duty

The humble sparrow in full song calling out to its mates

And a bullfinch to round off my early morning trundle

What a start to a promising day…..

Sarah arrived as planned and we made the shortish journey to Fraisethorpe on the East coast. We parked up first by the enormous windmills that line the single track road

The car park looked chocca to me but Sarah said she’d seen it busier and it wouldn’t seem busy on the beach due to its size. Because I was with Sarah, there was no panic, no anxiety, I just went along with what she said and I wobbled down the soft sand to the glorious beach. It was as she said

Sarah had put her wellies on to paddle in the cold North Sea so we ambled up to the waters edge

It was so peaceful here, just the sound of the sea for company

Sooo many dogs played happily and chased around the beach

Sea birds foraging along the shoreline….

We found a gap looking out at sea between the rocks. I tried to get low enough but I knew if I bent down I wouldn’t get up again 😂…..Sarah had to look away as I wobbled and slid across the rocks 😂 but finally I handed my camera over for Sarah to get the shot I wanted

Sarah had timed it so we walked so many minutes then had the same minutes to walk back again as she had to get me back to town for a very important appointment …..

So we turned and retraced our steps only nearer the shore this time and were treated to the special appearance of the Sand Martins who dig holes in the dunes

They were so quick but I managed to get one in flight too – more by luck than judgement

Time to head back… for my special appointment…..well….I no longer look like Ginger Biscuit the pony in the village field as I had my Covid haircut but more of that tomorrow….

The day ended with a beautiful rock-a-by-baby moon…..