Hours of bliss…..

It had been a lovely rock-a-bye baby moon the night before. Just as I was going up the stairs I peeked out of the window and saw the silver shape in the sky…

The following morning I went out early and as I stood locking my front door I heard it before I saw it. A gentle snuffle and movement through the greenery could mean only one thing…..

I went to get a saucer of water, just in case it was thirsty on its travels, but it was a hedgehog on a mission as its tiny legs shuffled straight passed…and on its way to wherever ….

What a lovely way to start the day….me and Pip had arranged to go for a walk but that wouldn’t be until late afternoon as Pip isn’t a morning person 😂….

So I went for my usual morning walk and as I reached the corner 2 penny farthings appeared transforming me back in time and conveniently having to stop at the end of the road so I could take a piccie 😂

Along the mirage lane, deserted this morning as the weather was cloudy, not much summer sun to entice out the walkers or cyclists; just me and the lane all to myself……

…..well apart from the rooks keeping their beady eyes on the village

Turning halfway up and retracing my steps I headed towards the main road and a clump of beautiful poppies brightened the roadside

Up and down along the lanes, aimlessly trundling just because I can, birds every now and then catching my eye going about their daily tasks

And a Yellowhammer singing its heart out

And then a gorgeous male linnet which I don’t remember seeing before, but Pip assures me we saw a whole group of them somewhere 😳

Eventually reaching the pond and still baby Moorhens appearing……and the ducklings, now getting bigger, having a snuggle

Perfect time to head home for a cuppa…..

Mid afternoon Pip txt me and I headed towards the church. The church door was open and I stepped inside for a peek at the peace

Hearing my name being called I headed back outside to see Pip and Scooby waiting for me

We were only going for a short walk through the wood as the sun had now appeared

We headed along the track, Scooby continually leading the way and every now and then checking we were present and correct

Through the Willow path where Pip had started to make an archway with the willow branches. Entwining their branches to create a beautiful cool natural archway

Scooby looking round, supervising proceedings and telling us when to move on 😂

Then into the wood to find any pockets of fungi. The first to be found were tiny parachutes

Then hairy curtain crusts just starting to regrow on the old fallen trunk

Then Pip showed me, hidden in the undergrowth at the base of a tree, some dead mans fingers 😳…..my piccie didn’t come out so here’s one Pip took before

We sauntered through the wood, chatting and laughing, Scooby all the while herding us forward….

…before finally reaching the Mother Tree where artists brackets grow just waiting for someone to write a message on this stunning fungi

It had been Pips late mums birthday the week before, so a message just for her seemed perfect 😍

It had been a lovely gentle walk, ending with a refreshing drink for Scooby

And time to head home ….what a lovely day……🥰

Try again with the Amigos…

Sorry about last Fridays blog as some of you couldn’t access the video…..turns out it all depended on when you tried as George decided to amend and remove around release time….

Anyway, he’s amended and republished so I’m doing the same as it would be a shame to miss it…..

An Annual review is supposed to be had by everyone with dementia…apparently …30 minutes of asking us how our dementia is affecting us…..well none of us had ever had one 😳…..listen to our conversation to see what we said…George also spoke to 2 other playmates about the same subject so we tagged that on so the extra 2 amigos this week are Dreane and Frannie……

So hopefully 🤞…when you click the link this time you’ll be able to listen to all 6 of us…..

The 4 Amigos ride again…..

We finally managed to find a time when we were all free to record this….😂…this week is all about the Annual Dementia review everyone is suppose to have…..

This is apparently suppose to be 30 minutes of asking us how our dementia is affecting us…..well none of us had ever had one 😳…..listen to our conversation to see what we said…George also spoke to 2 other playmates about the same subject so we tagged that on so the extra 2 amigos this week are Dreane and Frannie……

Click on the link below to hear our chatter…

A beautiful day for nature, trundle…..

Before I went away, so this was written probably 2 weeks ago, I had one of those days that make your heart burst, a day you’re sooo glad to be alive and it was all because of the nature around me…

I woke to a glorious morning after the rain of the day before and decided to go for an early morning long walk. I don’t usually do a long walk first thing but today, it felt right. I knew I had a zoom mid morning and Sarah was coming at 12, so I needed to make the most of my early rise.

So to the duck pond first….the second batches of Moorhen chicks are doing really well and were out on the first island

Terence and Teresa Terrapins were having an argy bargy as Teresa had got to the favourite log just minutes before Terence surfaced

He tried to nudge her off but she was having none of it 🤣

In recent days we’ve had 2 further batches of ducklings; a set of 4 and one of 7….they were all just stirring. Mum on her nest with some

And the other set just waking on the grass

One little one desperately tried to wake up and keep up with the others but kept stopping and falling asleep standing 😂

Then round the back of the village, through the gallops and onto Halfpenny Cottage where the Jacksons have lived. Mr Jackson told me one day how he moved there when he was 4 years old and they had a horse and cart to move their things from the farm down the road to the cottage – I could listen to stories like that for ever and a day…😍

In the empty cottage across from them sits a beautiful tree, and this year the flowers from the rambling rose tree had made it picture perfect

Mrs Jackson, said their friend, the previous owner had planted it just there so Mrs Jackson would be able to see it from her kitchen window across the way. But she never remembers it flowering as beautifully as this before ❤️

Continuing down the long lane there was an early morning chill in the air, even though the sun was shining and felt more like an autumn morning than summer…🙄

Abbys sheep lay still in their field, almost hidden by the long grass

Turning left along Little Weighton lane, I eventually came to the main road and had to keep my wits about me as there’s no footpath here but luckily the early morning traffic was light and most gave me a wide berth…

Up the lane towards the mirage lane and I w it was deserted apart from a figure in the distance

I trundle half way up the lane, then turn and head home for my first cuppa of the day….it must have been 4/5 miles, which is a tad risky first thing as I won’t have had a drink since 6 the night before. The problem is, as well as not feeling hunger, I now don’t feel thirsty, dementia at work once more 🙄

The day before Sarah had found a poppy field and promised to take me there. So she picked me up at 12, as promised, and drove me into the next village. I remember in my youth that poppy fields were everywhere. I adored them, but now they seem a rarity, so seeing this one was very special.

Sadly even this one had diggers around destroying it 😢…..but I managed to see it before it all became a building site

I then asked if we could have a quick visit to the Wetlands Nature reserve on the way home. So we drove down a single bumpy track and suddenly I spied a daisy field!

Sarah stopped the car for me to take a quick piccie

As we got to the Wetlands, a beautiful nature reserve, we got out and ambled to the seating area. A robin hopped by us to say hello

But then we saw the most amazing sight……a Kestrel in full flight…

I adore these birds, their markings so beautiful…

It flew into the tree to look down for its prey and seemed to stay for an age – it was probably a couple of minutes 

Then I blinked, and it flew off into the distance. But for a few minutes we were privileged to see it close up ❤️

We were buzzing. I couldn’t wait to get home and see the piccies/ I never know if they’re going to turn out or not until I load them onto my ipad. Today I wasn’t disappointed.

Nature, just put on a spectacular show for me today…..for me, a perfect day as I sit typing this so it’s not forgotten….

The price you pay for going away……

When you have dementia there’s always a price to pay when days are filled with excitement and adventure – something that’s not the routine of daily life, busy days. Normally you’d just be tired, filled with satisfaction and exhilaration of what’s been achieved. But sadly dementia kicks you in the teeth and scrambles your brain up even more…..

That’s the price I paid after all the excitement and adventure of the paraglide in Keswick. It took me 4 days to get my head around what I do and where I go once I was home. For 3 days, I got up, showered and then didn’t quite know what was next, not the normal fog or haze, but my head a total jumble like a heavy tangle of wool. The thought of my early morning trundle never entered my head at that point. I’d sit with my cuppa, open my ipad and do the only thing I knew how….played solitaire, red nine on black ten….then scrabble and word search just to kick start my day.

I knew I needed to walk, but I could only manage and feel safe to the pond and back – so strange how my world had shrunk so much. It was like this for 3 whole days….Totally out of routine and discombobulated ……not knowing quite what was next….

Then day 4 ….and somehow a switch had been flicked in my brain as the idea of my early morning trundle was there as soon as I rose and opened the curtains…

As I stepped outside my door, I could feel I was slower; my legs not quite as willing as my brain, but they decided to oblige as I shuffled down my road. The schoolchildren waiting for their bus, all heads down on their phones; villagers out for their morning paper. 

The duck pond first. I was surprised at how many ducklings had survived during my absence or maybe more had been hatched….the moorhens chicks were first to come into view

Teresa terrapin lazing on her log

All seemed calm as if the ducks were just waking

Up through the houses, parents taking children to school. One little child stopping by me on his bike….

I’m ok, my mum and dad are behind with our dog”

And sure enough his parents appeared and chatted for a while asking how I was…my mind a blur, recognition of who they were was somewhere, just not willing to reveal itself….

Turning into the gallops, now by myself. The field had been cut, the hay now resting in bales ready for the horses, but a single wild rose catching my eye…

Why did this walk feel so long? My legs were protesting, my breathing heavy. I stopped by Halfpenny cottage and admired the beautiful red rose planted by the owner long gone

And a yellow hammer on the wire above my head…things were starting to feel ‘normal’ again…

A man coming towards me with his dog was pointing for me to turn round and look in the field. But I couldn’t see anything….as he got nearer he simply said:

 ‘There’s dear in the field’

I couldn’t see them with the naked eye – the man had been sensible and worn his glasses 🙄 – but I zoomed in….and there they were. Two beautiful dear right on the edge of a distant field

As the man left, I thanked him; if it hadn’t been for him I would have missed this wonderful sight….

I stood for ages, just watching, the dear totally unaware of my presence. 

Preening one another before silently and gracefully sloping off 

Before disappearing into the undergrowth out of sight of human eyes….

I waited until they’d disappeared and heard myself breathe deeply and sigh…..what a magnificent gift of a morning to witness……and if it hadn’t been for the villager, I would have missed it all……

I looked around me, and felt so happy that once more I’d come on an early morning trundle, in my beautiful village and seen nature at its finest. I may be slower than I was, the trundle harder than I remember,  but my head felt as though it was returning to its routine of being home,  and for that I must be thankful…..

A HUGE big thank you ….

My fundraising page for my paraglide was set up by my able enabler Damian. However, he gave me his login so I could do all the individual thank yous but it turns out you havn’t been getting them 😳🙈

I suppose the system didn’t like the fact that I was logged in as him and sending emails from a different account🤯….but please be assured that I thanked everyone individually and am mortified at them not having got to you 😔

It was only when a friend said he hadn’t received one that I asked a couple more and they hadn’t either. So I assume no one did 😢

I hope this gets to some of you as I’d hate you to think we weren’t grateful for every penny, because we really are.

When I last looked we’d raised a staggering ❤️❤️❤️ £4537 ❤️❤️❤️

Which is almost half of what we need to run for the year and will certainly pay for the grand day out I intended from the start….so a HUGE THANK YOU from all of us 

This was their very first face to face – even though they had it without me ……

….as I was in my paradise having just leapt off Cat Bells the day before 🤣

So the page will stay open until we decide whether it’s worth closing and opening up when I do my next adventure…..🤔


Final day and a beautiful early start ..

Normally I’d be heading home today, as I only usually stay 3 days, but for some unknown reason I booked 4 this time. Me thinks we were in midst of lockdown when I booked all my stays and perhaps got a tad carried away at having been denied my visits for the last year 🤣

So down to my last full day….I wrote at the end of yesterdays blog, how I had a plan for having Friars Cragg to myself…….well I decided to make the most of my last day with an early rise so I could make that plan come true.…..

At 6am I’m trying to creep downstairs, hair still wet from my shower, which probably woke everyone anyway 😂…and then suddenly I heard another door creak and me and Catherine frightened each other to death by both appearing at the bottom of the stairs at the same time 🤣….not sure who was most shocked, Catherine unlocking the doors or me not even thinking the doors would be locked 🙄

The early morning air was silent and fresh. The only sounds were the birds.it was so lovely to actually see and hear them, as its rare during the day due to the volume of tourists.

Through Hope park, which would be full later, now lay silent and calm. Birds were everywhere. The flower beds so colourful

Down at the lakeside, the boats lay idle, waiting for the days customers

Along the path, totally empty and all mine

The only company once in a while, were early morning dog walkers.

I was hoping no one had had the same idea as me, but I didn’t have to worry. For the first time this year, I had this tiny space of Friars Cragg to myself

The bench was waiting for me, as though saying , come and sit down, we’ve been waiting for you….

And I sat

And breathed in the morning air, the only sound was the water below lapping the rocks ….

In previous years I’d have been surrounded by Robins here, souls of all those long gone and their ashes spread on this beautiful spot like mine will be one day. But I waited and watched and listened but sadly none appeared. Robins are very territorial so I imagine its been the pure volume of people who have sent them elsewhere this year, maybe they’ll be back next year when a normality will hopefully resume.

After a while of taking in the beauty I got up feeling a tad sad at their absence and made my way back for breakfast.

As I reached Hope Park, movement on he ground caught my eye. I thought it was a sparrow, but then a tiny flash of red was revealed

In a instance it flew off and I smiled….my smile became bigger as further on it landed again, this time revealing itself

My heart swelled with joy and I thought that was the end until I went passed the hedge in the park only for this beauty to land in front of me 

Was it a different one or the same one accompanying me home, or more importantly, was it Sylvia…..? Sadly I didn’t have any food to hold out for her to prove it…..but what a wonderful way to start the day…..and it was only just 7am!

Part 2 – sorry for the long blog!

Well after my final morning zoom of the week, I decided to walk all the way round the lake again, that way I could say my goodbyes to Sylvia. It was around midday that I set off, retracing my steps of the morning to Friars Crag, then down to the bay where there’s a ‘always winter’ tree that’s been there as long as I can remember

….before heading through the gate towards Milenium bench….I couldn’t sit as it was already occupied but managed to take the view instead

Next to the Milenium stone, where a fellow photographer (well he looked like a real one 😂) was setting up 

The sheep were huddled under the tree today or maybe they were having a power nap….

Then trundling through the pine wood that always reminds me of Christmas…I snuck through a gap to capture the haziness of the day; the low cloud now started to turn to mizzle, meaning my camera had to be tucked inside for a while…

I don’t remember seeing the lucky coin log on my last trip round or maybe I was just looking the other way. It’s been there for years…coins hammered into the log for luck…

Evetually crossing the road for a while into the moss filled wood. The stones are covered in moss and remind me of the little goblins in the film Frozen, that suddenly appear and I expected these rocks to do the same 🤣…

Passed Lodore Falls Hotel and then down towards he Pooh sticks bridge

A whole class of infant school children, with their teachers had come to see the bridge too and hopefully stand and look at the view before them

Along the winding wooden path through the marsh land, eventually reaching the other side of the lake and its woodland. I went down to the waters edge and a beautiful bird hopped onto a branch near the water…

Not sure what it is as I don’t have my bird book with me…and I was surprised to see clumps of lily pads in the bay. Never seen them before or maybe I’ve just never done this walk this time of year 🤔

Up round and following the path, my legs were starting to tire, but each bay revealed another beautiful view which kept me going

Eventually I reached where Sylvia lay, the sign post marking the way…

I found the landmark tree and the right stones and stood chatting for a while, saying how we missed her. I told her about the woman in the heels and I swear I could hear her disdain and laughter. I dread to think of the comment Sylvia might have made to her 🤣 Saying goodbye, I promised to return…

If the launch had been approaching, I would probably have caught it back, but the long queue of people told me I might not get on it, so I ventured up the slope and continued walking. Through the woods, passed the alpacas

…..and then the Mountain Rescue helicopter appeared to be picking up an injured person from one of the islands

No stopping for me, through Portiscale, across the bouncing bridge back to Keswick…..

It was late afternoon by the time I reached town. The Thursday market starting to wind down, tourists milling around and before I knew it I was back in my room having a much needed cuppa.

Another wonderful day in paradise but this time my last for this stay….but I don’t have long to wait until I’m back again as next month I have another stay to look forward to……..

I pondered which photo to end with…..then I thought of the last view I’ll have at breakfast tomorrow….one I’ve had every day….how lucky am I….

From my chair looking straight out of the window to the beautiful view….what a view for breakfast time 😍

Day 2 in paradise…….such a wonderful day…mostly…

I stood there holding the curtains, ready to reveal the day ahead…..

Beautiful 😍

I planned to walk around the lake once more as the forecast said warm and dry for the best part of the day – I had everything crossed that the weathermen hadn’t got the forecast wrong today 🤪

My morning was relaxed until the 10am zoom. After breakfast though a ping when on my phone – another reminder 😳…..🤔…..when I looked I was slightly horrified to find I had another zoom at 1pm…one I thought was tomorrow 🤯……it was to my county Gps so I didn’t want to miss it. So I simply swapped my days around to do tomorrow today and vice versa…..

Anyhow, instead of the lake, I’d be doing the Old Railway walk after the Gp talk at 1pm. This walk was a favourite of mine and Sylvia’s and one where we had an hilarious encounter with an old woman. Sylvia wasn’t the tallest of humans and I was always making fun of her. We were in Keswick for one of our girlie stays. She brought some walking poles for the first time but had forgotten to adjust them before setting off along the old railway. She then realised how uncomfortable they were and I said, it’s because they’re way too long for someone with little legs 🤣….she started to fiddle with them, trying to adjust them, when up behind us, came this frail old woman. She stopped, snatched the poles and in one swift movement, adjusted them, handed them back before sighing and simply walking off….

Well me and Sylvia were just doubled up with laughter. The woman hadn’t said a word throughout and simply produced the offending poles as if in disgust at our inability to do it ourselves…..always makes me laugh whenever I see people with the wrong size poles 🤣

First of all though was the zoom at 10, which went well. I then went into town to buy my supper so I didn’t have to worry about getting back before they shut.

1pm, time for the Zoom with Gp’s. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I just came away feeling I’d wasted an hour of my precious time in paradise. Yes, there were the right murmurs of thanks, but it just didn’t feel genuine. No one would change what they thought from what I said 🤐….but I suppose I shouldn’t have expected any more. ‘Token involvement’ is what it felt like. Lesson learnt….😔

So back to what matters…..I went to the information centre to see if they could remind me where it started. The woman was sooo helpful. She even gave me a choice of coming back via the Stone Circle at Castlerigg, making it a circular walk instead of coming back the same way. I asked her whether I’d be likely to get lost, after explaining I had dementia. Her response was:

Follow the path there, cross the main road at the signpost in Threkeld, then follow the B road to Casterigg and all the way back to Keswick”


The storms of years ago had destroyed this much loved walk and this year is the first year it’s reopened and a chance to see what’s been done and for all to enjoy…

I made my way through town, over the River Greta

past Fitz Park and the wonderful Eagle carving

……then onto the swimming pool which is the start of the walk. There were signs like this all along the route detailing the history of the railway…

They’ve made this walk totally accessible now and people of all ages were enjoying the ramble; wheelchairs vied for space with electric bikes, walkers, and joggers alike – room for all.

Criss crossing the river as it twisted and turned with new bridges and revamped old

Much more seating along the way, all placed strategically to gain the most out of the views.

More lovely sheep to greet along the way

A really pleasant 5K walk unti I reached the promised sign telling me to cross the road. Most people carried on into Threkeld to the coffee shop and then returned the same way, but I much prefer circular walks so headed towards Castlerigg on this undiscovered route.

The woman had said this route would be quiet and cars scarce and she was right. I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere

With only the ‘baaa-ing’ of sheep floating in the wind from distant fells

It was a long continual incline for 2.5 miles to Casterigg stone circle with 360 degrees beautiful views 

I did have a chuckle to myself as one of the handful of vehicles passed me by – after all I suppose even remote farm cottages need their Amazon supplies 😂🤣

A one horned sheep peered at me taking me by surprise

As I finally rounded the corner, a very low flying aircraft powered over the stone circle

I trundled up to these ancient stones just as me and Sylvia had done many times before and probably took the same photos

The sun shining makes all the difference; the shadows of the stones and back drop of the fells looking stunning

After a while of just being there, I found the road again and trundled down the very steep lane back into Keswick. Thank goodness I was going down as it really is a steep incline. There’s even a bench for those walking up it 🤣

Once back into town, I treated myself to an ice cream and took a last walk of the day to Friars Cragg, just because I could and because it was such a beautiful evening…..still couldn’t get on my bench as someone was on there and although it looks quiet in the photo, there were people all around me….but then I have a plan to solve that tomorrow….😇…watch this space…

As I’m sorting through my photos, having arrived back in my room. I found this one, stencilled to random phone exchange…..seems like the perfect way to end this blog….

Day 1 (again) in paradise……

It may be rain that greets me as I open my curtains

But I don’t care. When I’m here, every day is a paradise day. A day when I feel calm and relaxed; a day when I feel like I’m in my second home. The 8 hour nightmare journey behind me, I have tranquility and I can now simply be…..

It’s been a tough few weeks for so many reasons but mainly my dementia tangling my head, but when I’m here the wool unravels and tight knots loosen.

I’d cancelled lots of things, keeping only those that bring me pleasure, so today I had a zoom with Dementia Enquirers, but that wasn’t until this afternoon; perfect for a morning trundle, then back in my room, then an afternoon trundle…..

So after breakfast I decided to walk to the Centenary Stone around the lake…it was spotting with rain still, so my camera was tucked under my coat…I made my way down towards the lake. I’ve been really surprised by the number of visitors; so many more staycation people adding to the regular numbers. 

Ducklings, Keswick style….

I think the shortest and flattest walk to a beauty spot is the one to Friars Cragg. I was heading there as part of my trundle. When I got there it was crowded and it saddened me to hear someone say:

Is this it?” – in a derogatory tone……and they turned and walked away…

Friars Cragg is there to be enjoyed and savoured, not hurried in a glance. I’m all for staycation encouraging people to visit my paradise, but makes me sad and upset when I hear such remarks…😢

So upset was I, that I needed to continue and get away, but the sight that was coming towards me made me look up……a woman in heels moaning about the state of the footpaths as they were ‘ruining’ her heels 🤯……now usually I keep my thoughts to myself, but after just hearing the man slag off my favourite view, my mouth engaged before I could stop it and I heard myself say out loud:

Sometimes it’s the wrong kind of shoes to blame not the path”

I sailed by them, shocked at hearing the words come out of my mouth, but then heard the man with her roar with laughter :

well that put you in your place, now stop your wittering” 🤣

I didn’t dare turn round, so shocked was I that my mouth had spoken my thoughts, but I was glad I did and glad they heard….

….I carried on round the cove, feeling rather pleased with myself and stood and looked over at Cat Bells

The point where the tree in the foreground slices through marks the spot where I took off into the sky 😍

……..did I really manage to climb it last week? And did I really manage to jump off the edge and fly in the sky ( well, ‘be dragged off the edge’ is probably more accurate 😂)?

Someone had written ‘LOVE’ in stones ❤️

Leaving the cove, through the gate and along the wooden path, the sun was desperately trying to pierce through the grey heavy clouds

Winding round the path, crossing the cattle grid, the field ahead was full of sheep with the fells as a back drop

Sooo many cute lambs, it’s difficult to know which piccie to choose

Fast asleep….

Finally, following the clearly marked path, I came to the beautiful wooded area

…where the centenary bench and view lay

A few yards further round and there rested the Milenium Stone

I sat there for a while just watching the world go by before retracing my steps back to my room where the Zoom call with Innovations and playmates would be waiting for me…..

After a cuppa and chat over zoom with friends, it was time for my afternoon trundle, a special one, to have a chat with Sylvia where we laid her to rest last week….

This time, the other way round the lake towards Portiscale. More lambs to admire and smile at…..

Through the village of Portiscale, the café busy serving hungry walkers. Then up the track away from the main road and something more peaceful….then the Alpaca field comes into view, the alpacas sharing their field with a whole host of pheasants

Just realised, not one pheasant in sight on this one 🤣

Hadn’t realised they had such prominent teeth until I looked closely at this photo 😳

The pheasants obviously feel safe amongst the Alpacas and this one looks like it’s bending down to have a conversation with the little pheasant 🤣

Then from the open clearing into the darkness of the wood, my eyes taking time to adjust to the change in light…

Cat Bells could be seen as a silhouette in a gap between one copse and the next

The trees standing proud and tall, so old and strong

Then I see the sign down towards the lake and wobble down the incline, through the trees before it opened out 

I found the tree we used as a landmark and took a piccie

Then compared it to one I’d taken of the spot last week where we scattered Sylvias ashes and found the same stones once more. I chatted for a while, telling Sylvia we missed her and hoped she was in a good place. Then just sat in silence for a while, listening to the water lap over the stones.

I’m brought our of my thoughts by the sound of the launch approaching

And decided to take that route back and save my legs for the following day….but as we disembarked over in Keswick, I decided to trundle just a tad more to Friars Cragg and dispel the myth of the man this morning….

Yes, sir, that is it…beauty is in the eye of the beholder ……and in my eyes, this view is perfect…..

How very lucky am I…..?

Yesterday I headed back to my paradise of Keswick, only this time to relax after the full on weekend last week….I really paid the price for my time away and my dementia made me an empty shell for 3 whole days on my return so I’m glad to be back, but with hopefully a different end result when I return home 🤞

Last weekend was an extra that I’d snuck in as soon as David told me he was scattering Sylvia’s ashes, so I couldn’t miss that AND I managed my paraglide, so it was a very full on weekend. Some will say I could have cancelled this week instead…..mmmm….well that wasn’t going to happen either 😂…..

Yesterday morning arrived. I’d double checked I’d booked a taxi for 9am as I havn’t a clue when I did it, but I had. The journey back last time had been a bit of a nightmare with a  cancelled train, no seats on one train and arriving home late, so I was hoping for a smoother time this journey.

However, my expectations were obviously too high 🙈..🤯..as the train from Hull to Manchester stayed on the platform for what seemed like an age as the guard hadn’t arrived yet….🙈 and ended up departing 20 minutes late – the exact number of minutes between my next train when I arrive in Manchester 🤯……the guard did apologise and did say they would try and make up time…..🤞…..

I didn’t even have a seat on the right side of the Humber AND the sun was sparkling on it, but you’ll have to take my word for that 🤣 – on my side, the storm clouds were much in evidence

As we chugged along from station to station, we got later and later and later…..my had was starting to feel frazzled as now for sure I’d miss my connection in Manchester 🤯……

trying to work out plan ‘B’s is harder now as numbers have become difficult – working out times etc…..this once brilliant mathematician resorting to fingers or confusion and failure….

The sky over the Lancashire side of the Pennines as grey and misty as my head…..

By the time I reached Manchester I think I’d missed plan B and C 🙄 so I headed to a smiley face for help. I could get one in an hour and change at Wigan 😳 or wait 90 minutes and go straight through 🤔 so I headed for a cuppa and simply waited for the easier one ….passing by the wonderful statues outside the station…

…..good job I did choose the later option as the other one was late so would have missed my connection again in Wigan ….for once I chose the right one 😇….and at least I managed to get a seat which is more than some did…🥵

I txt Catherine at Appletrees to say I’d be later than normal as she often watches out for me and comes out to help me carry the suitcase up the steps for me, so I didn’t want her hanging round. Preston, Lancaster and Oxenholme were the only stops before we finally arrived at Penrith. As luck would have it I only had 20 minutes to wait for the hourly bus to Keswick so didn’t have to rush off the train or hang around long…..

More chaos was to follow at Preston however, as it became sardine time again 🤯 and a poor station guard who was helping a woman on couldn’t get off on time before the doors closed and took him along to the next stop too 🤭…..

In between typing this and Penrith I played solitaire, trying desperately to keep awake, my head tired from the journey, my back aching, so unused to sitting for so long….

The weather began to lift along with my mood as we neared Penrith. I looked up from my ipad  and the unmistakable rugged landscape of the lakes began to come into view….

Finally, the bus to Keswick and the last leg of my journey….Catherine was stood outside her gate chatting and greeted me with a hug. Taking my suitcase she showed me to my room and once she’d left, I sat in silence, totally exhausted. I’d arrived 8 hours after I’d left home and some may say, why on earth do I out myself through that. I asked myself the same question on the journey itself. But as I sat there, I knew why……to simply sit and look at this view from my room……