A long new trundle…….well sort of…

Following on from yesterday’s magical misty morning, I decided on a long trundle taking in 4 walks that I usually to in 2 trundles. 

After I’d been out to buy my supper, I set off for the first part, the Railway walk…the weather was so perfect for walking; cool yet bright and sunny. I’d brought my winter coat,as much cooler weather had been forecast but didn’t think I’d need it today, so just my bright orange gilet was enough. 

I headed through town towards the swimming pool and the start of the railway walk. Yesterdays rain was still in evidence

The name of this park has gone straight out of my head 🤔 but I love the bridge that connects it and the wooden carved eagle that sits at the side of the river

There must be a lawn tennis club here because the tennis courts are immaculate. I used to love playing on grass in my youth but the nearest one at the time was at Ilkley and I used to play in their tournament every year.

The walk begins. It actually starts where the old railway station used to be…it’s now a hotel.

They did such a good job of renovating this walk when it was damaged during some storms years ago. Took them years to complete but now it’s a straight flat walk for cyclists, walkers and wheelchair users, so perfect for everyone to share. Every now and then a lovely view up the river Greta

There’s just a hint of autumn but I expect, on my return next month, it will look even more beautiful…if that’s possible!

The walk makes for a lovely photo when people are ahead, trees each side, especially when the sun is shining 

Even my shadow and the shadow of verge side weeds looked good

The walk runs for 5K to the village of Threkeld, but I turned off just before, as I was heading for Castlerigg Stone Circle. It also cuts off a corner and allows you to walk under the dual carriage way instead of dicing with the traffic 🤣

It’s a steep road to climb so every now and then I stopped, especially when I came across some sheep to chat to while I stopped to get my breathe back…

Even these cows have a stunning daily view…they must be so chilled with that view all around them

Several calves were in the field too feeding from their mums, then stopping and looking at this stranger pointing a camera at them 😂

Finally reaching the stone circle and there weren’t many people around thank goodness

It always feels very peaceful up here, surrounded by the fells, very tranquil and relaxing and another lovely home for the sheep

Now I usually head back home at this point but this day I was on a mission. I decided to head across to Walla Cragg 😳….I’d forgotten to look at the weather forecast for the weekend and today was so nice that I felt I needed to continue just in case….

So I headed down along the lane…..so narrow that you rarely meet cars; tractors and cyclists the only traffic along this lane

…….crossed the main road and through the fields once more. From the photo, it looks like this cow has paradise all to itself

….but just out of shot are his mates😂 along with 3 horses and sheep, all in the same field happily living side by side.

Heading to Walla this way meant I missed out the steep climb at the beginning 😇…so I joined it at the farm at the top of that climb. I purposely didn’t stop and think as I might have chosen to go back down. Instead I turned left and headed up another steep climb to get to Walla.

My legs were beginning to protest and wonder what on earth I was doing as this was usually a separate walk but I just kept stopping, turning and taking in the view

I must have gone the steadier climb as the very steep path didn’t appear and I realised the people I was following must have turned off 🤔 It was just me and the sheep

As I finally reached the top, I could see and hear three people chatting about the views

I approached the smiley young girl and she obliged with taking a piccie of me

I left them to their chatting and headed to my final destination, Ashness Bridge. You could tell the Lakes had had a lot of rain recently as the ground was spongy and the water running freely. I headed down the stoney path, the heather now having finished flowering

I seemed to be on my own with the sheep once more, the only sign of human life being their voices carried in the wind from who knows where

You walk inland for a while but then the lake comes into view once more and the views are stunning to the right…

….and to the left towards Borrowdale

Then the descent down to Ashness starts and I could hear the water rushing over the stones as I approached. 

I climbed up for a better view of the bridge

…then another from the bridge

I decided my legs really were weary by now and I bargained with myself that if the launch was due, I’d take it and give my legs a rest as there was over an hour still left. I headed down the steep road, crossed the main road and could see people walking up the steps, the launch had just arrived and dropped off passengers 😳…but I had to wait for these people as the steps were very narrow. “Please don’t go, please don’t go” I willed the boat. Once the people had all climbed up, I headed down, the last passenger was just getting on and I still hadn’t got down all the steps 🥵….I waved to the man who was just untieing the rope and his head lifted as his eyes spotted me. I wobbled as fast as I could expressing my gratitude on behalf of my legs 🤣…

I sat relieved as the boat left, a dog, just like Merlin. He looked like I felt 😍

My legs were very happy to be sat down and just time for one last photo before I sit back and just enjoy the ride home

But there’s nothing to see……

You’ll see why I’ve given my blog that title as I write…..

My first morning in paradise and I can see it’s very foggy outside. I couldn’t have looked at the time of sunrise as it was very dark as I stepped outside. I switched the torch on my walking stick to lead the way. I could just tell it was going to be one of those magical misty mornings in paradise.

I could hear Robins singing all around me, yet it was so dark they were out of sight. As I reached the bay there was a wonderful blue light. The white motor boats with their blue covers silhouetting perfectly in the still calm water

I decided to head down to the cove, the one just round the corner from Friars Crag. I could just make out sheep in the half light

Imagine my surprise to see lots of photographers set up around the waters edge

I’ve never seen that before. The geese looked perfect in the misty light. Borrowdale hidden from view in the morning fog

They were all static but I meandered along clicking at each view

So wonderful this time in a morning.The sheep had gone right down to the waters edge, mixing with the geese and just standing and looking just like me

I saw one of the photographers walking back to his tripod and asked him what they were all doing. Had they spotted something? His reply?

No, we’re on a photography course and the tutor brought us down here thinking we would be able to take wonderful photos but, as you can see, we can’t see anything” he sighed

For a moment, I was silent and quite confused, then I said,

But look at all the wonderful silhouettes, the beauty of the mist, hiding the background so you can focus on what is in view, making it stand out and look even more beautiful. And when it starts to lift it will be even more magical. Just wait 30 minutes and you’ll see”

Well I hope so” was his despondent reply.

What a shame he thought it had to be clear before beauty appeared. I felt very sorry for him 😔 

I stayed a while clicking away, then ambled up to Friars Crag. There were two more photographers with tripods facing into the fog. I’d assumed they were with the same class but turns out they’d just come to take morning photos.

But the fogs too thick” they said glumly.

“But look at this side, pointing to the opposite side to them, the morning sun is starting to burn away the mist and the light will be wonderful in a few minutes”

They could see what I meant this time and moved their tripods over to the other side and started snapping the same silhouettes I’d taken a few minutes ago. 

I left them to it. Time was getting on, just after 7 now. I walked down to the swimming bay and was surprise, when I zoomed in, to see a Mandarin, just like on the village pond. Maybe he too had come for a short break 🤣

Nearly back at the launch boats and the photography students had moved along with me as they all stood snapping the boats. They seemed much happier now they could see something ☺️

Just the stillness and barren view I found magical as I know later, when all around will be seen, it’ll look like a totally different scene

I thought the reflection of the boats would be my last photo

….as I headed home for a shower and my breakfast. But then spiders web started glistening into view and I found this perfect one, soaked in dew so fully visible 😍

Just as I was turning into the gate, a Robin started to sing in the trees opposite …I stood scanning the branches, then saw it perched high on the uppermost branch singing its morning song

After my shower, I opened the curtains and the view had been transformed

And at breakfast I had an even bigger surprise. A man and woman were sat at their table as I sat at mine. We exchanged morning greetings and the woman smiled and said,

Are you Wendy?”😳

Turns out the lady reads my blog and was there after I’d spoken about my lovely Appletrees. 

Just one simple comment had made my day and it wasn’t even 9am yet……

New village residents……..and a return to paradise……

On Thursday the last of the 6 ducks arrived, bought from some of the proceeds of last years calendar sales. We already had our 4 lovely Pochards who skim their way across the pond sucking up any food in track. 

Well, the ones I originally asked for have now arrived, 2 wonderful Tufted ducks. I asked for them to replace our amazing Tufted who died aged 24years young last year. She was a solitary soul but very happy, bit like me ☺️

I adored watching her duck and dive for food; so much smaller than the other ducks but always held her own. 

Thursday was World Alzheimers day. Steve messaged me to say he hoped to pick them up early and release them about 11, but sadly I was speaking to healthcare professionals at Surrey NHS Trust at that very time, then straight afterwards going for my hair cut. So my meeting of our new arrivals would have to wait 🙄

But once all that was out of the way, I trundled down to the pond with some food. Needless to say the ducks all swam towards me, some quacking to tell the others of my arrival, and there quietly at the back were the two Tufted.

Oh my goodness I was immediately taken back to our little Tufted as old as they immediately started diving down. Their golden yellow eyes so sparkly and bright. We managed to get a male and female and at the moment the only way you can tell which is which, is the male has the deeper yellows eyes. In a few weeks his plumage will turn black and white, making it easier then. But for now they looked so similar

I immediately fell in love with them as I am with all our ducks. Just stood there watching and clicking

Villagers came and stood alongside asking me to point out our new arrivals and one lady said:

Aww they look so comical diving”

It was then their names came to me. They’ll be Terry and June. People in the UK of a certain age will know exactly who I’m referring to. They had a wonderful comedy sitcom in the XXXX.

I couldn’t stop clicking

When all the frenzy of the feed had calmed down, the ducks now preening themselves, including the Tufted. They began to nap. It must have been a very tiring day for them; being transported from one area to the next and then to be put in a pond with lots of strangers. But our ducks had accepted them immediately. And thankfully Terry and June looked as if they’d been there forever

The following morning was an early rise to head to Paradise for a few days. I felt in need of just sitting in front of my window with my favourite view. 

The taxi picked me up at 6am and everything was going fine. It was a stunning sunrise sky as I headed to Hull on the first train

…and my favourite rock-a-by baby moon

But once in Hull everything went pear shaped 🙈….my next train was cancelled

I stood in front of the board, not quite knowing what to do 😳…then thought, I’d go outside to see the sunrise. But of course, as I got there I realised I wouldn’t see anything above the high building 😔…I went back in and stood once more, looking round for a smiley face. It was only just 06.30 so smiley faces were in short supply. I then saw a light in the ticket office. All the shutters were down on the side for bus information, but one solitary light was on at the train side. There was the smiley face I’d been looking for. He saw my sunflower lanyard and immediately gave me his biggest smile asking how he could help. I told him about my train, where I was going and he began searching for me. Even if I went via Doncaster, the Manchester trains had been cancelled from there too 🙈

Eventually he told me I’d have to wait for the next one an hour later to Manchester, but then there wasn’t a direct train to Penrith sadly. I’d have to go via Wigan 😳…never been to Wigan before, but he assured me it was a small station and there’d be someone around to help. He apologised profusely but as I said:

Well it wasn’t your fault”

No but it’s a blummin nuisance for you”

See, kindness exists even at 06.30 in a morning 😊

So what to do for the next 90 minutes 🙄……cuppa tea time.

Needless to say the train was chocca as it had two lots of passengers so squashed sardine sandwich for breakfast. I let Catherine know I’d be late as I’d miss my bus in Penrith as well and would have another hours wait….

However……that wasn’t the end of the story…..oh nooooo ….it got far worse ……when I got to Manchester, I found out through Anna, my partner in writing, that the trains had been cancelled from Wigan 😳……🤯 but at least Anna was there to find me another route as the queue for information was massive 🙈…..so instead if was to go via Preston, Anna even found out the platform number for me 😇……you think that’s the end? Ha!

A train arrived on the platform at the time mine was suppose to arrive and it was the right colour so I got on it 🥴…..but I did notice as we pulled away that all the other passengers were still on the platform 😳 and this one I sat on was very empty 😳🤯😳🤯

A tannoy voice came out of nowhere to say this was the delayed train to Edinburgh 😳, however……it would now only go as far as Carlisle. The tannoy then went dead 🤯 and the signs said only stopping at Preston and Carlisle 😳 nothing anywhere about Penrith 🙈

I went in search of mystery voice. I walked the entire length and back again through the train and even though she said `’come and find me if you have any questions’, she didn’t say where!!!

Anna was txting me all the time so I wasn’t alone, but I really didn’t have a clue what to do either. We decided I’d get off at Preston and get a train to Windemere, then the bus to Keswick….maybe.

We pulled into Preston and there were hoardes waiting to get on my nice empty train. I got off, but something made me head for the guard helping people on further down. I asked him if it went to Penrith.

Not sure love” as he glanced at the board then said, “yes hop on” 😳 so I got back on the same train and still the signs were saying it would only stopped at Carslile and it was the next stop 🙈 To top it all, the train was now so full it was standing room only 🙈

As I overheard conversations, it became apparent that no one else quite knew what was happening, which made me feel slightly better. Some were going to Edinburgh and told they’d have to cross to the other side of the country and go via Newcastle …….at least I was at the right side of the country for Penrith 🥴

I looked out at the window, everyone crushed together like economy sardines and the rain was heavily falling. The train stopped at Oxenholme, the stop before Keswick. So if it stopped there it would surely stop at Penrith 🤔 I was beginning to feel hopeful, squashed hopeful, but hopeful. As I looked at my watch I knew that I’d miss the bus to Keswick, so I’d have another hours wait, but I’d be able to claim my fare back so maybe I’d splash out on a taxi🤔……although, when I looked up the cost, £50, I changed my mind. I’d wait.

As the train began to slow down, an announcement was made that Penrith was the next stop – phew! I then had to clamber over bodies and suitcases to get to the door. People were sat on every inch of the train, poor things. At least I was getting off! I stumbled off the train, under the subway and out of the station and guess what ….the bus was there! It too was late 😳…..I wobbled my legs as fast as they could take me. I saw the doors closing 🙈…then someone saw me through the window and shouted to the bus driver who came to a screeching halt….I’ve never been so thankful for a bus being late before 🥵

It was raining but I didn’t care….I was on my way to paradise. I arrived 8 hours after I left the house, but I didn’t care….I was finally in my favourite room with my favourite view and after several hugs from Catherine and a retelling of the whole sorry story, I was sat with my cuppa just looking….and finally relaxed

I’d planned to do some writing for my new book on this ‘relaxing’ journey…..but not this sort of writing. 🙈

P.S…..the first thing I saw as I went for a little trundle…..

As if Sylvia had come to meet me and say. “Stop your moaning, you’re here now” 😍🤣

Update to my American friends…

After yesterdays blog, thank you so much to all those who emailed me about wanting to purchase a calendar through Margaret.

I’m in my paradise of Keswick at the mo which you’ll here about next week. So once I’m back home I’ll respond to you all and introduce you to Margaret and ship a bulk pack of them over to America to allow Margaret to sell them to you. She is simply wanting to break even, so is paying the cost of the calendars and postage up front before working out the cost to yourselves, but they should be around what we said in the blog yesterday.

remember it will be a while until you get them as I have to post them economy class to keep the cost down and then Margaret will post them onto yourselves.

Wendy x

A blog just for my American friends…..

Hello all in the US.

Some of you have asked how much it would be to post a calendar to you. Well my blog follower, Margaret Steiner from America as come up with an idea. If I send a bulk order, depending on interest, to her, Margaret will then post them out from the US. I’m not very good at dollars so this is what Margaret said:

“the recipient could get a calendar from me for a total of about $23.50, instead of $34 directly from you. ”

So you would save roughly 10 dollars. We’d know the exact price once we knew numbers and Margaret had a chance to weigh them at her post office. Obviously this depends if enough of you would like one. It would take a while for you to get it as I would need to ship them across at economy rate and then Margaret would need to post them to you.

If anyone is interested could you email me in the first instance on wendy7713@icloud.com

If there’s enough interest, we’ll go ahead, just let me know as soon as pretty please.

The Best Things….Poem

There is an old saying 

Which makes sense to me 

It is that all the nicest things 

In life are really free 


The beauty of a rainbow 

After hours of heavy rain 

The pleasure of a stroll 

Along a peaceful lane 


The sound of childrens laughter 

When with happiness they play 

The glory of a golden field 

Of newly ripened hay 


The magic of a baby 

In the early days of birth 

The promise of the tiny shoots 

Which spear the frozen earth 


The love and sheer devotion 

In the eyes of a faithful dog 

A hint of blissful sunshine 

After days of mist and fog 


And best of all an armchair 

At the closing of the day 

Beside a cosy living fire 

When a busy day is done 

And for the song today……well it’s another singer that’s a blast from my past…..

P.S I did my second talk at a local care home last Friday and was told that after my first talk, the manager ordered new mats to replace all the black ones AND is going to have screen savers put on all the wall mounted TVs so they don’t look black when they’re switched off. I call that the best outcome 🙌

Podcast with Pandora Sykes..

A while ago now, I think 🥴, I recorded a podcast with the lovely Pandora Sykes. I must confess to not having heard of her before, but when I mentioned her name others clearly have as she’s a very popular journalist as well. You can read more about her on her web page…..

but she produces an interview series, Doing It Right, about the trends, myths and anxieties of modern life, which is where I come in…

So if you fancy a listen, make yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and click play……


A magical misty early morning……

I hadn’t been out early doors for several mornings due to the rain, but the weather forecast said fine and dry for this particular morning, so as soon as my eyes opened at the right time….ignoring the earlier ones 😂….I got up and was out of the door.

I’d got up to give myself an hour to get the 30 minutes to the Westwood 🤣…. I wasn’t convinced there’d be anything to see of the sunrise as it was quite cloudy and been raining overnight, the puddles reflecting the light from the lampposts. It was also quite dark

…much darker than normal due to me leaving so early. But it was a friendly dark with the morning birds singing and it meant I could meander, no need to rush and get a wiggle on.

I could hear but not see the ducks, quacking their morning calls to one another. I’d crossed the road purposely so as not to frighten them with my footsteps across the wooden path, under which they sleep.

Through the traffic lights, permanently on green this time of day and out into the peace, open fields either side of me. Later, this road will be busy but not now; it lay silent and calm.

As I reached the golf course, no sign of the sunrise yet. A glance at my watch told me, ten more minutes. A low strip of mist hung over the pasture behind the mill

I could see the line of cloud in the distance which would delay the sun making it’s appearance and sunrise came and went without so much as a flicker of sight, but the sky was colouring

 Noticed my breathing was calm and shallow, the symbol of a relaxed soul, as I stood there soaking up the fresh morning air. No sign of the cows today 🤔 they must be at the far side. Unusual for the not to sleep in their usual spot but not uncommon. The sun still had some way to climb as a man walked by with his dog, raising his hand in recognition of my presence.

I could feel that it wouldn’t be long. The edges of the clouds now starting to glisten, an aerolplane’s perfectly straight path darting across the sky

I stood waiting for that moment; not sure where to stand for the best piccie. I knew once I was there I wouldn’t have time to faff. You’d be amazed at how fast the sun actually rises in reality.

I looked behind me, to see if any cows had snuck up without me realising, looked back, and there it was

Finally risen high enough above the low lying clouds and mist. Inch by inch, so smoothly, no juddery faltering. It was there. Still a slight haze of mist so able to take photos without it distorting the outcome.

I stood back away from the Mill with the sun on the left….

….then moved further along for the sun to be behind the Mill

Then finally lighting up the right hand side. All in a matter of a few minutes…..

As I began to walk back towards the road, the trees and meadow were being lit by sunlight, giving the whole scene before me an orange glow…

The mist towards St Mary’s and the faint image of wind turbines showed just how misty it was.

 When you’re stood in the mist it disappears around you, but as the sun shone down, it revealed its magical scene for all to see as another early morning was revealed walker also taking a photo

As I neared the line of trees, the Minster appeared in the gap

Standing in the relative darkness of the shade of the tree, made the grass in front look golden as the sun shone down. A cyclist stopped and also took a photo of this glorious morning

Almost at the road now, the cyclist still there. I’m glad they stopped and looked; seeing the beauty I see instead of cycling through it

If only that bench could talk…what stories it would tell…as if a light was switched on behind it…

Now back at the golf course drive with the sun now well risen

As I turned to head home, a group of cows came into view. They were all on the 18th green of the golf course next to the club house…as one lifted his head to see who goes there…..Must have been having a sneaky round before the human players appeared……😊

A gentle day of reflection…….

Before I start this blog….if anyone has ordered 2 calendars and not received them by the end of this week, could you let me know pretty please….I seemed to have posted two lots to one person and they kindly let me know 🙈xx

It felt a sombre day yesterday, and probably today…..to be expected with it being our Queens funeral. But this gentle trundle happened the Saturday after her death. I didn’t quite know what to myself. I knew the cricket team were still playing their final match and out of repsect was having a minutes silence before the game, so I wanted to be there for that.

But the time until 1pm seemed to stretch long ahead of me. I didn’t need anything from town, but I decided a trundle down the hill was in order and then I’d catch the bus back to see the villagers…..

The Mandarin, now in its winter colours stood proud and puffed out warning the others away from his side

And the white mandarin, also a glowing specimen now. It’s markings now more prominent, it’s colour pure and simple. Both were waiting for Peter the duck man who was due shortly.

It’s unusual to see the road beyond the pond  empty…often it’s one car after another…always hard to get a piccie in the autumn when the trees are having their final show of colour, but that delight is yet to come..

The fields have all now been ploughed, so any wildlife open itself up to being seen, so rare for anything to be out this time of day. Although some rabbits were busy munching on breakfast in the hedgerow

A morning mist was still around as the crows gorged themselves on the seed leftovers in the field

…and these plant seeds always remind me of molecules from my school science days

The sheep in the field before the Westwood, stood 3 in a row making me smile as I thought of a traffic light and expected them to change colour😂…..

…the rest of the journey must have passed by without sight of anything as no more photos until I returned home. I expect I must have then had lunch🤷‍♀️before heading out once more, back to the pond once more. This time it was the wood duck patiently waiting, probably for more food 😂

The reflection in the pond picture perfect

Terence the terrapin on one log, although I imagine he’ll disappear soon as the Moorhen decided to use him as a perch for preening 😂

Teresa on the other. Since their shared log snapped, they’ve been on separate basking logs

….and the mallards just chilling on the island

Up behind the houses now as 1pm was fast approaching and the cricket team would be ready and waiting. They’d painted a lovely picture in memory of…

Then as the bell tolled one we all stood in silence

I stayed for all their innings batting as I wouldn’t see them again until next year and I’d had such a lovely time being their “12th man” all season. They scored a winning amount, one of the youngsters getting his century 🙌

….then weariness started to take hold. But I wasn’t in the mood for going home yet, so I decided on one last trundle to see the allotments. On my way, a bee busy on a sunflower

Passing by the church, where earlier there’d been a wedding and the entrance arch was decked with flowers

Inside, the ends of the pews each had a small sunflower attached

Sunflowers had definitely been the theme of this wedding

Total silence in the church, you could almost feel it. Yet the remnants of petal confetti outside told the story

Leaving the church behind and continuing up the lane….Dolly the sheep calling out in field as she caught sight of Abby

High in the air a bird of prey was surrounded by crows

The crows eventually scattering to the tops of the trees.

Finally at the allotments, my final destination of the day. It was the flowers I’d come to see. Amidst all the huge pumpkins growing, I knew one person grew dahlias. I adore dahlias. I wasn’t disappointed…all colours

All shapes….

All sizes…

Each one perfection created by nature. A good way to finish this reflective day….as I headed home for my tea…

Reunited……the funeral…

Seems fitting to post this again today on the day our Queen is buried. For those that know me well, you’ll know of my love of Robins and the power they hold to tell you those that have died are ok. Well, the day after the queen died, I went outside for a walk as I felt so overwhelmed with unexpected grief. I hadn’t seen any Robins for weeks as the drought had taken them all west where the rain was. But that particular day, as I trundled up by the church, imagine my surprise. A Robin, high up in the tree but clearly in view singing it’s heart out…..😍…the first I’d seen for ages…coincidence? ..maybe…..but it brought me comfort..

My playmate Dory, one of 4 Amigos posted this on her Facebook page and I thought it so beautiful that I would share it today of all days as an era has come to an end. Sadly I don’t know who wrote it to give them the credit. But we mustn’t forget, even though she was the Queen, she was also a mum, a granny and a great granny and now she’ll finally be reunited with her adored hubby, Philip…

Phillip came to me today,
and said it was time to go.
I looked at him and smiled,
as i whispered that “I know”.

I then turned and looked behind me,
and seen I was asleep.
All my Family were around me,
and I could hear them weep.

I gently touched each shoulder,
with Phillip by my side.
Then I turned away and walked,
with My Angel guide.

Phillip held my hand,
as he lead the way,
to a world where King’s and Queens,
are Monarch’s every day.

I was given a crown to wear
or a Halo known by some.
The difference is up here,
they are worn by everyone.

I felt a sense of peace,
my reign had seen its end.
70 years I had served my Country,
as the peoples friend.

Thank you for the years,
for all your time and love.
Now I am one of two again,
in our Palace up above.

The artist who drew these amazing, touching drawing, Eleanor Tomlinson, is a local girl and we’re all so proud of what she’s achieved with her very special talent…