Podcast with Pandora Sykes..

A while ago now, I think 🥴, I recorded a podcast with the lovely Pandora Sykes. I must confess to not having heard of her before, but when I mentioned her name others clearly have as she’s a very popular journalist as well. You can read more about her on her web page…..

but she produces an interview series, Doing It Right, about the trends, myths and anxieties of modern life, which is where I come in…

So if you fancy a listen, make yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and click play……


About wendy7713

On the 31st July 2014 I was diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia. I may not have much of a short term memory anymore but that date is one I’ll never forget. I’m 58 years young, live happily alone in Yorkshire, have 2 daughters and I’m currently still in full time employment in the NHS. However, I’m now in the process of taking early retirement to give me a chance of enjoying life while I’m still me. I've started this blog to allow me, in the first instance, to write all my thoughts before they’re lost. If anyone chooses to follow my ramblings it will serve as a way of raising awareness on the lack of research into Alzheimer's. It will hopefully convey the helplessness of those diagnosed with dementia, as there is no cure – the end is inevitable. However, I’m also hoping I can convey that, although we've been diagnosed, people like me still have a substantial contribution to make; we still have a sense of humour; we sill have feelings. I’m hoping to show the reality of trying to cope on a day to day basis with the ever-changing environment that dementia throws at those diagnosed with the condition. What I want is not sympathy. What I want is simply to raise awareness.

7 thoughts on “Podcast with Pandora Sykes..

  1. Thank you for giving us the link to Pandora Sykes’ interview with you. Her respectful tone as she listens to you and asks questions is just right. She acknowledges your comment about “living with” instead of “suffering from” AND later uses “living with”.
    If anyone ever needs an example of an intelligent conversation with a respectful tone by all, just listen to this “Doing It Right”. Sincerely. Barbara

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  2. It was wonderful podcast. My mum is living with dementia as you said, she goes to new type of daycare in Japan (keep working condition what she used to; she was calligrapher so she writes products names and draw pictures in packages) and chatting with other people in the morning a couple of days a week. It gave her pride and purpose. I am planning to visit dementia cafes (peer support group?) with her when I go back to home this November. (I live in NZ now). Also after I read your informative books, I may be able to be more kind to her.

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  3. Oh Wendy, I’m in the US and wish there were people like you everywhere! I LOVED listening to this podcast and will keep your words in my heart when dealing with those I meet. I love the sunflower lanyard idea and wish it would spread “across the pond”!!! Thank you for being who you are!

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